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Memorable Experience in Taiwan

03 Nov 2017

8 May 2017 to 30 June 2017 Eight final year Biomedical Science students from International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia, Low Hwei Jean, Voon Khai Boon, Tai Shi Kin, Hoong Hui Yi, Claire Chong Khai Li, Choo Zhi Re, Sin Woei Chyi and Crystal Liew Xiao-Qi, had the opportunity to complete their 2 months’ attachment in Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH), Taiwan. One of the students, Low Hwei Jean relate their experience in Taiwan.

It was an eye opening experience as this was our first time to work in a diagnostic laboratory abroad. The advancement of the technology has resulted in most of the tests being conducted using sophisticated instruments. We had the opportunity to be exposed to various types of these advanced instruments throughout the 2 months’ attachment in Taiwan.

Front row (L-R): Mr Liu Chun-Kun (staff in- charge in TVGH) and Tai Shi Kin. Back row (L-R): Voon Khai Boon, Claire Chong Khai Li, Sin Woei Chyi, Choo Zhi Re, Crystal Liew Xiao-Qi, Hoong Hui Yi and Low Hwei Jean

Our work started at 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and we were exposed to the functions of various departments. The pathology and laboratory medicine has two divisions which are anatomical pathology division and laboratory medicine division. We were placed in different departments in the laboratory such as Microbiology Department, Blood Bank, General Laboratory, Biochemistry department, General Pathology and Cytopathology.

In the beginning, it was quite tough for us to adapt to a new environment as the staff taught us the concepts and medical terms in Mandarin. However, the staff in TVGH understood our difficulties which are to learn in an environment that had a different language. The staff were friendly and helpful and ensure that we understood the biological principles behind the methodology involved and work flow applied in the laboratory despite their heavy workload. The experience was great and made us eager to learn more.

Besides, we were required to attend class every Thursday afternoon. One or two patients’ case would be discussed by the staff in charge. We also need to prepare patient case report at the end of our attachment. The knowledge that we have gained from the different modules in the university have assisted us to apply in these case reports. This is where we understand and learnt a lot of clinical knowledge, development of certain diseases and take home messages.

In conclusion, we were extremely grateful and thankful to IMU for allowing us to complete our attachment in TVGH. We would also like to thank all IMU lecturers especially to Dr Chye Soi Moi, Dr Lim Chooi Ling and Dr Ebenezer Chitra as well as all TVGH’s staff for their strong support and guidance. It was a memorable experience to learn about the different working culture and it will definitely aid to broaden our career opportunities.”

Written by: Low Hwei Jean

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