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My Memorable Foundation in Science Journey at IMU

14 Feb 2022

I am Anthony Kho Nai Siong, currrently a Chiropractic student at the International Medical University (IMU). Prior to studying the Chiropractic programme, I was studying the Foundation in Science programme at the same University. I would say that Foundation in Science (FIS) in IMU was one of the best experiences I have ever had during my time studying at IMU.

I am very blessed to have had my first 2 semesters conducted face to face fully. I appreciated how gradually the transition was, transitioning from a high school learning environment to a university learning environment. Throughout FIS, we were taught on how to think critically and were always encouraged to discuss our ideas and answers in the classrooms. This can be experienced during our tutorial sessions and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) sessions.

Graduating from FIS, I realized that my command of English has improved tremendously. Modules such as English for Healthcare Professional (EHP) and Critical Thinking Skills prepared us with the level of English that is needed to complete assessments. Cross-Boundary Studies also helped me to improve social skills, team working skills as well as communication skills.

Apart from academics, IMU offers many clubs and activities that helps me connect with other students from various courses. This makes my university experience more interesting as I get to hear from other students what their course is like and see if a particular course is suitable for me.

Another thing worth mentioning is the mentor-mentee system as this has helped me to understand myself better. The system allowed me to feel that I have a safe space to share my thoughts and seek advice if ever needed.

Last and definitely not the least, I would like to thank each and every of the lecturers who made the classes interesting and interactive for us students, especially during this time of pandemic. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The values and lessons instilled in us has made a part of who we are today.

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