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Promoting Oral Health Wellness at Oral Health Carnival 2024: Plaque Busters

05 Jul 2024

The dental students of IMU University made an impact in bringing oral health awareness and education by organising the School of Dentistry’s annual event, Oral Health Carnival 2024, commonly known as OHW 2024. “Plaque Busters” was chosen as the theme of this year’s OHW 2024 which was held for two days, 30 and 31 May 2024. As the theme suggests, OHW 2024 aims to educate the public about the significant impact of plaque on oral health.


Additionally, in choosing our theme, we took into consideration World No-Tobacco Day, observed on 31 May. Tobacco use not only affects oral health but also has profound consequences on overall well-being. By highlighting these interconnected issues, we hope to foster a greater understanding of how daily habits and lifestyle choices influence both oral and general health.


The organising committee for OHW 2024 primarily comprised dental students from Semesters 1, 3, and 5, led by the event’s president, Lum Shayna (DT1/23), and vice president, Mai Shereen (DT1/23). The highlights of this annual event included five oral health educational booths, featuring games or presentations by Semester 1 students. Participants who visited all five of the educational booths and an additional fundraising booth were given a goodie bag which consisted of toothbrushes and toothpastes from our sponsors as well as a chance to join our lucky draw.


The event commenced on 30 May with a welcoming speech by the president, followed by an opening address delivered by Prof Seow Liang Lin, Dean of IMU School of Dentistry. The Guest of Honor, Prof. Abdul Aziz Baba, Vice-Chancellor & CEO of IMU University, then gave an inspiring and influential speech that resonated closely with the overarching theme of ‘Plaque Busters’. Several VIPs in attendance at the opening ceremony included Prof Gerard George, Prof Dr Nazimah Idris, Prof Dr Toh Chooi Gait, and a guest from Haleon, Amber Lee.

Following that, an intriguing lineup of performances was presented to entice patrons, including a band performance by dental students from DT124, vocal performances, dance routines, and guitar-accompanied singing. Subsequently, as part of the fundraising efforts, merchandise and food options were available for purchase within the atrium.

The merchandise selection featured exclusive OHW 2024 t-shirts and lanyards. A noteworthy addition to this year’s offerings was a “Bling Bar,” providing patrons with the opportunity to customise their own bracelets or phone charms, which significantly increased patron engagement. The food sold included sandwiches, bomboloni, and brownies, with sandwiches emerging as the crowd favorite.


We express our gratitude for the generous provision of lucky draw prizes by our esteemed sponsors this year, namely Aquapick and Amedix, who sponsored water flossers and intraoral cameras. The inclusion of these prizes added an element of excitement to the event, drawing significant interest from attendees eager for the chance to win such valuable items. The lucky draw was conducted on both days of the event, further enhancing attendee engagement and participation.


The closing ceremony began with remarks from our esteemed advisor, Dr Shilpa Gunjal, followed by Prof Dr Ian Martin Symonds, Deputy Vice Chancellor, who offered words of encouragement to both participants and the organising committee, acknowledging their collective efforts in ensuring the success of the event.

Over the course of two days, a notable total of 498 individuals officially registered as participants. This robust turnout not only affirmed the efficacy of the OHW 2024 team’s endeavors but also served as a source of encouragement, highlighting the resonance and impact of the event within the community.

As we reflect on the proceedings, we earnestly aspire that the culmination of our collective efforts has yielded tangible benefits to the broader community, fostering greater awareness and appreciation for oral health and its significance in overall well-being.


The OHW 2024 team expresses profound gratitude to our esteemed sponsors for their invaluable support, which facilitated the provision of goodie bags and enabled the lucky draw sessions.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the following sponsors: Aquapick, Amedix, Haleon, Premier Dental, Pro Dental B, and Cosderm. Your generous contributions were instrumental in enhancing the overall experience of the event, and we are immensely grateful for your partnership and commitment to promoting oral health awareness.

Written by Lum Shayna

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