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IMU Undergraduate Students and Alumni Share Experiences with its Foundation in Science Students

25 Mar 2019

Foundation in Science (FiS) Forum is a forum initiated by the Student Ambassadors of International Medical University (IMU) for the FiS students – a “by students for students” event. In this forum, the pre-university students can anticipate to have an insight into the different undergraduate programmes, future career pathways and working environments, from the perspective of current students, and in recent times alumni as well. Forum for IMU Foundation in Science Students It is only common for pre-university students to be not entirely certain about their possible future pathways with most of them also uncertain of the possible undergraduate (UG) programme that might be suitable for them. This might be due to the lack of sufficient knowledge about the nature of each undergraduate programme. They may also have confusion when it comes to programmes with similar syllabus and career pathways. This can be seen, for instance, in the case of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry programmes and it may make the selection of an undergraduate programme seem more complicating to a pre-university student. Forum for IMU Foundation in Science Students In the forum, senior students or alumni representing their respective undergraduate programme will provide insights to the questions raised by the students before and during the forum by sharing their own experiences of being in the programme. The seniors will also have the opportunity to give an idea of the potential career pathways. Through this method, the FiS students have more knowledge and are more capable of making informed choices when it comes to picking their degree programme as their stepping stone to their life path. In short, the FiS Forum is a rare and beneficial platform for the FiS students to gain information on the programmes from the alumni and current students by hearing about their experiences first hand. These pieces of information are valuable insights, as they may not be found in the programme brochures.

8 January 2019 – The IMU Student Ambassadors organised such a forum with 31 FiS students. We had many curious attendees with interesting questions posed to the panel of speakers. The upcoming forums which are scheduled for this year will be held in the months of August and October. Keep a look out for that!

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