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Public Health Education and Health Screening Activities for Public

04 Feb 2013

The second important aspect of IMU’s community activities involves public education on various health issues to create greater awareness among the general public in general and among focused groups in particular.  These activities are carried out by IMU subject specialists among the academic staff as well as contributions from external specialists. On occasions, these activities are done in collaboration with specific non-government organizations (NGO’s) or with industrial partners.  Selected topics have included adolescent health, breast cancer, breast feeding, eye care, mental health, spine health, autism, oral health, smoking cessation, diabetes, etc.   They are held as lectures/talks, panel discussions or seminars in the various campuses of the university or in the communities.

Health screening for the general public is directed towards assisting individual public members to identify their respective health problems.    The objectives include allowing the IMU students to put into practice, the knowledge and skills that they have acquired from the University, to assist the public to take more pro-active towards their own health and wellness, and where applicable, to understand specific health diseases or health problems within the community.  These activities are carried out in a number of settings including in the IMU campuses, in community halls, in public areas such as shopping malls and in specific rural settings.  Common parameters that are selected for careening include blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, urine screening, oral health, physical examinations, PAP smears and nutritional status.  The population screened includes both adults and children.

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Public Health Fair with the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS)

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Community service activities in collaboration with Mead Johnson Nutrition at PPR Kota Damansara (Section 8) Flats, Selangor; BMI measurements and dental examination


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