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Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur at the “Eureka!” Workshop

25 Jun 2024

The recent “Eureka!” workshop held at the IMU University proved to be an invaluable experience for our students, offering a deep dive into the entrepreneurial mindset. Spanning two sessions on 25 May 2024 and 1 June 2024, this immersive workshop was designed to cultivate creativity and equip students with the practical skills necessary to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

As the main facilitator, Ts Tajul Asni Ahamad, a respected member of the Digital Health Industry Advisory Board and part-time academic staff, guided the students through this journey. His extensive expertise in the field of entrepreneurship provided students with critical insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, essential for navigating today’s competitive business landscape.

The workshop’s objective was clear: immerse students in the entrepreneurial mindset, fostering creativity and guiding them from ideation to the development of actionable business plans. By the end of the workshop, students had gained a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics, skills, and mindset, and learned how to apply these principles in their daily lives. They were also able to identify, develop, and validate business ideas using creative thinking techniques, and create a Business Model Canvas to map out their ventures.

The workshop saw enthusiastic participation from 37 students, each eager to delve into the world of entrepreneurship. The day’s agenda was filled with interactive sessions on rapid entrepreneurship, mindset preparation, idea generation, marketing strategies, and revenue generation. Students particularly appreciated the hands-on approach of the workshop, especially during the creation of a Business Model Canvas for hypothetical business ideas.

The vibrant atmosphere of the workshop was captured in numerous photos, showcasing students collaborating on projects, engaging in discussions, and presenting their business models. These images reflect the dynamic and supportive environment that encouraged innovation and creativity throughout the event.

The success of the “Eureka!” workshop is a testament to our commitment at IMU University to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among our students. One student noted, “This workshop has provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. The hands-on activities and real-world applications have significantly enhanced our learning experience, making us more confident in our ability to launch successful ventures.”

As an IMU faculty member, I can attest to the value this workshop adds to our curriculum. It complements our academic programmes by offering practical insights into entrepreneurship, thereby equipping students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. This leads to more effective teaching and learning outcomes.


Overall, the “Eureka!” workshop has undoubtedly inspired many students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with renewed confidence and determination. It marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to foster innovation and creativity among our students, preparing them to become the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.


Written by: Dr Then Yoon Yee, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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