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Michele Fernandez a/p Joseph Hath

“Life is but a stage and we are all merely actors. I believe each of us have a role to play during our lifetime here. Let’s make our role something positive and impact the lives of the lost and forgotten. Don’t wait till you have experienced the pain of nothing to realise the value of giving.”

About the Winner

Michele was inspired from a young age by her mother to help others who are less fortunate. Since then, she has actively volunteered with various non-governmental organisations (Dignity for Children, Liter of Light, Street Feeders of KL). Issues affecting the urban poor, orphans and single mothers remain close to her heart and she plans to start her own social project that will have a long-lasting beneficial impact. Michele graduated as a pharmacist from IMU in April 2017.

Beneficiary of Donation

Dignity for Children Foundation


IMU Pharmacy