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Are You Concerned About a Friend?

Friends are often the first person to notice that a friend is undergoing emotional struggles. If you have a gut feeling that something is not right with your friend, you can make a difference by learning the signs and ways to help by following these 3 simple steps on NEC.

The NEC 3 Step Mental Health Support Model can help your friend.

  • Notice signs of distress
  • Express concern for your friend
  • Connect your friend to the support he/she needs



Common signs that a friend needs help dealing with emotional or mental struggles.

  • Behavioral changes such as withdrawal, insomnia, avoidance, missing classes, lack of interest or easily irritated.
  • Emotional changes such as crying for no apparent reason, intense anxiety or nervousness.
  • Constant feelings of sadness or hopelessness and expressing thoughts of self- harm or someone else.
  • If you see your friend posting messages, photos, videos, links, comments or hashtags that suggest he/she is in emotional distress, you may reach out to your friend to express your concerns.


Express Concern

If you noticed any signs of distress, simple question such as ‘hey, is everything OK?” Express your concern and support by:

  • Offering to talk to your friend in a safe environment.
  • Offer listening ears with empathy.




If  you are not equipped to support, you may encourage your friend to seek professional help.

  • Help your friend identify sources of support.
  • Encourage your friend to seek help with SDU or offer to accompany your friend to SDU.
  • During Movement Control Order / Social Distancing, appointments may be made by calling, sending a message to SDU via email, MsTeams or WhatsApp.

For those who are interested to reach out to your peers, please join the Peer Support Club once in IMU. 20 hours of training will be given on Basic Listening Skills and Basic suicide prevention .  The Club is a fantastic platform for you to acquire soft skills and opportunities for personal development.  The club promotes interest projects such as the Mental Health Week which fosters cross universities sharing and new friendship.

Peer Support Club - A Supportive Community

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