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Successful personal growth requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes. In IMU, we help our students to unfold their process of inner change via our personal growth programmes.

The Aims of Self -Development Programmes

The Outcome of Self-Development Programmes

Personal Growth Programmes for Students

These Personal Growth programmes are introduced to students during orientation, outreach, online and ongoing workshops, videos, webinars and talks as well as on our Student Portal.  There are also special ad hoc self-discovery programmes such as sand tray, expressive art therapy and self-discovery via cards.

No Topics of Workshops Coverage Areas
Core Workshops
1 Adjustments to Campus Life and Personal Safety Self-awareness
2 My Behavioural Style Knowing yourself
3 Senior Sharing Study Skill Study skills
4 What’s Your Journey Motivation
5 Study Skills Workshop

    • Learning
    • Focus
    • Time Management
    • Reading
    • Note Taking
    • Memory
    • Assignments
    • Exams
    • Stress Management
Study skills
Ad-hoc Sessions, Talks and Workshops
6 Sand Tray Self-discovery
7 COPE Cards Self-discovery
8 The Five Love Languages – Managing Relationship Relationship
9 Public Presentation Skill Training Presentation Skills
10 Effective Communication Communication
Custom Made Workshops
11 Choosing your Career Career Planning
Open Day Workshops
12 How to Choose a Career – Based on John Holland RIASEC Theory Career Guidance