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16th IMU Humanities Day – A Priceless Journey for Students in Treasuring Wisdom

06 Jan 2023

The 16th Humanities Day was held on Friday, 14 October 2022. This one-day event was organised by the Centre for Bioethics and Humanities and participated by students from the ME222 (medical programme) and CH222 (chiropractic programme) cohorts of International Medical University (IMU). This time, the theme A Treasure Box of Wisdom was selected, where students worked together on projects that demonstrate their understanding of the history and development of human thought, experience, and cultural diversity.

The event started with students from the Philosophy and Current Issues module showcasing their sculptures of famous philosophers. Some of the sculptures of philosophers that were exhibited include Friedrich Nietzsche, Lao Tzu, Socrates, and many more. In addition, posters detailing the ideas developed by these philosophers were also presented.

At noon, students from the Academic Communication module presented talks on the benefits of arts and culture on health. The first speaker, Trishan Anieshwar Premathevan, spoke about the benefits of dancing to health. The next speaker, Nur Insyirah binti Arshad went on to present on how the top scorers in class incorporate music in their learning and whether this poses any benefits. Another speaker, Surendren Subramaniam gave an excellent talk on the benefits of Ayurveda. The final speaker, Wid Al-Rufaie spoke about the ways to be healthy based on the Maori culture.


The event continued with project exhibitions from the other MPU modules.


Students taking the Thinking Critically and Creatively module presented several creative innovative 3D models of health solutions. Some of the innovations displayed were the treatment for an ankle sprain, and neck pain, dispensers for disposable (cloth) pads, and other sanitising kits.

Meanwhile, students from the History of Medicine module presented historical knowledge about the greatest inventions in the field of science and healthcare. Among the highlights, include its discovery, major functions, and contributions to the world and healthcare systems. For instance, the presentations on the invention of penicillin and antiseptics.

Students from the Arts Appreciation had performances on interesting and unique stories with important messages embedded in them. In their performances, these students interpreted Aesop’s fables and presented their versions of the stories with the inclusion of modern values and characters. Other groups used comic strip animations and voiceover in their performances.

The Art Fundamentals students displayed their creativity and talent, by also incorporating Aesop’s fables and choosing a singular story, and depicting it through various forms of art, such as drawing, painting, visual capture, and crafting skills. In addition, they crafted an additional model which represents their story as well. Some of the stories represented were The Lion, The Mouse, and The Golden Egg.


Overall, the 16th Humanities Day was a huge success as it was busy, fun-filled, and educational. It is a platform for students not only to enhance their knowledge in humanities but also able to develop their main essential skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills.

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