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A Startup’s Journey: Insights from the Grand Prize Winner of SOHS Young Entrepreneur’s Challenge

27 Mar 2024

Entrepreneurship Day is an annual event organised by IMU School of Health Sciences (SOHS) dedicated to celebrating and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship. It serves as an opportunity to recognise and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs, foster a culture of innovation, and highlight the contributions of successful entrepreneurs in various industries. This event promotes entrepreneurial mindset and builds the confidence to venture into entrepreneurship among SOHS students.


I’m Kogulakannan Alagappan, a passionate entrepreneur and visionary in the field of digital health and mental well-being. With a background rooted in innovation and technology, I’ve embarked on a journey to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives through my ventures.

As the founder of Metacare4U and the managing director of LA Digital Health Sdn Bhd, I’ve been dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between technology and mental health. The soft launch of our application marked a significant milestone in our journey toward revolutionising healthcare accessibility.

Our app streamlines appointment scheduling, provides personalised health recommendations, and facilitates remote consultations, with plans to expand nationwide within the next six months.

Winning the IMU SOHS Young Entrepreneur’s Challenge competition was a transformative milestone for our startup, marking a validation of our vision and providing us with the recognition and resources necessary to propel our venture forward. The IMU Entrepreneurship workshops and competition played an integral role in our startup’s evolution.

The mentorship, guidance, and networking opportunities afforded during the workshops were instrumental in refining our business model, enhancing our pitch, and fostering connections with potential collaborators and investors.


Post-winning, we strategically allocated the prize money towards initiating the development of our application. With a focus on assembling a robust team and refining our product, we aimed to ensure its viability and market readiness.


Our participation in various pitching events and successful fundraising endeavours have been pivotal in driving our startup’s growth trajectory. These experiences have not only provided essential capital but have also honed our pitching prowess and expanded our network within the startup ecosystem.

Showcasing the App

Committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, we have had the opportunity to host product booths at several events, offering mentorship and insights to aspiring entrepreneurs. Through IMU Innovibe Hub of IMU Industrial and Partnership Engagement (IPE), we have showcased our app at the Youth Empowerment Fair 2024, a comprehensive event that celebrates inspiration, innovation and sustainable growth and empowerment of Malaysian youth.

Moving Ahead in the Future

Looking ahead, our focus remains on further refining our product, expanding our user base, and cultivating strategic partnerships within the healthcare sector. Our overarching goal is to continue championing healthcare accessibility and empowering individuals to prioritise their well-being. Our upcoming new feature streamlines healthcare invoicing, removing manual paperwork by automatically generating invoices post-treatment and electronically submitting them to patients’ insurers via our platform. We ensure accuracy by pre-filling key insurance claim fields and validating submissions. Users track claim status in real-time through our app, receiving updates on approvals, rejections, or needed information. Additionally, our Shareable Electronic Health Record (MS-EHR) feature allows patients to securely share health information with providers, improving care coordination. This feature incurs a fee for data confidentiality.


In summary, our startup’s journey from recognition to innovation underscores our commitment to transforming healthcare access and empowering individuals through technology.


Written by Kogulakannan Alagappan, a Biomedical Science (BM121) student and Managing Director of Metacare4u, LA Digital Health Sdn Bhd

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