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IMU Dietetics Students Conduct Virtual Diet Consultation During MCO

29 May 2020

Final year dietetics students in IMU had successfully conducted a virtual diet consultation to assist clients to make healthier dietary changes. This activity was made possible through the University’s Division of Nutrition & Dietetics collaboration with Naluri, a digital therapeutics platform that provides online healthcare coaching to support lifestyle changes. The opportunity was timely especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO) when individuals were staying at home. The students counselled their clients through the Naluri app to manage diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and obesity problems. They assessed the clients’ food intake and rated their meals using the food journal feature of the app. Real time feedback was given on how to improve meals choices that were lower in calories, fats, sugars and portion size. The students also delivered personalised nutrition care using behavioural counselling technique to nudge clients towards making positive dietary changes.

What Our Students Say About This Experience
Throughout this new activity, I managed to enhance series of communication skills needed for online consultation.  I believe this soft skill is vital for day to day practice as a dietitian. This experience also broadens my opportunities in dietetics fields particularly on what to expect and what can be done in the future. In summary, I am satisfied with this rare opportunity and I believe that it has helped me to enhance dietetic core skills and knowledge. – Dennis 
It is a very good experience for us to be exposed to the online platform of Naluri as a student. It would be an alternate option for individuals to seek for professional advice as the digitalization of the world is undeniable. This early exposure truly helps us to engage patients or clients in a different way. We are able to enhance our communication skills and apply the Nutrition Care Process, as well as Medical Nutrition Therapy. – Fiona Wong May Fong 
It was an honour to be given an opportunity by Naluri to experience the digital diet consultation. Online consultation gives flexibility to both parties, the dietitian and the client to commit at their best, also encourages long-term engagement which enable monitoring to be carried out more efficiently. On top of that, the online platform is very user-friendly. It enables user to upload their food photos and also chat with the healthcare team to seek for professional advice. – Koo Yen Zou
Being involved in the diet consultation through the online platform was an eye-opening experience for me. This activity helped me improve my effective writing skills where it is important to deliver a conscience and clear message to the client through the online platform. Digital dietetics will be the new norm in the near future, and I am excited to be a part of it. – Law Hui Ying
We have witnessed the digital transformation during this pandemic Covid-19 such as the traditional business have incorporated online platform to promote their business, the implementation of virtual classroom and etc. Therefore, the chance given to experience the online consultation is truly appreciated. We have learnt the idea on carrying out nutrition care process through online platform. The activity of online consultation has given me a new insight on digital dietetics and also expand the room for career development as a dietitian in the future. – Chin Hui Voon

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