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Empowering Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the 2023 School of Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Day

18 Dec 2023

In a dynamic showcase of entrepreneurial spirit, on 11 October 2023, the School of Health Sciences (SoHS) recently hosted the inaugural IMU Entrepreneur Day that brought together a diverse array of over 300 students from School of Health Sciences (SoHS) programmes, including Biomedical Science (BM), Medical Biotechnology (MB), Dietetics with Nutrition (DN), Nutrition (NT) and Nursing (NU).

The event commenced with an enlightening morning session, featuring a renowned authority in his field and the Group Managing Director of IMU, Prof Gerald George, who took the stage to deliver an inspirational talk centered around the theme of Young Entrepreneurs. His insights and expertise served as a valuable guide for the aspiring young entrepreneurs in the audience.

Adding further depth to the programme, Hanif Marzuki, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of Youth Ventures Asia. His talk “Start, Launch, and Go Global as a Student Founder,” has illuminated the path for students looking to make a meaningful impact on the entrepreneurial stage.


The most anticipated segment of the day was the business plan pitching competition, featuring eight groups of students from the SoHS who showcased innovative ideas. 3 months prior to the event day, this group of 26 students have undergone a series of intensive training workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions co-organised by Youth Ventures Asia.


During the event day, these budding entrepreneurs pitched their meticulously crafted business plans, ranging from healthier food choice, virtual kitchen setup, mental health app, virtual nutritional service, digital nursing library, physical collaborative space and recycling of laboratories plastic wastes, aiming to impress a distinguished panel of judges.

The Winners

Grand Prize

The business plan of a mental health app made by Mr Kogulakannan Alagappan, a biomedical science student.

“Innovation is the currency of startups, traded for the promise of a brighter future.”, said Kogulakannan.

1st runner-up

Nursing students,  Aishvarrya Lakshmi and Wisdom Furaha Adram

Both nursing students quoted that “The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge transcended being merely a competition; it became a transformative learning experience that adeptly equipped us for the thrilling yet demanding world of entrepreneurship.”

The Entrepreneur Day not only provided a platform for students to explore their entrepreneurial potential but also facilitated invaluable networking opportunities and fostered a spirit of innovation within the school’s academic community. The Entrepreneur Challenges of 2023 have left a significant impact on students, as they’ve discovered immense benefits from this transformative experience.


One of the primary advantages highlighted by participants is the programme’s ability to bridge the gap between conceptual ideas and real-world applications. The entrepreneurship challenge programme has inspired and empowered students to see themselves as creators and innovators, guiding them from ideation to execution and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit to new possibilities in the world of business and entrepreneurship, that extends well beyond the programme’s duration.


Prepared by: May Goh Lay Khim, Kok Yih Yih
Photo credit to: Kavitha

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