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Amazing Start for IMU’s New Student Ambassadors at a Leadership Camp

26 May 2015

24 April – 26 April 2015 – Newly selected student ambassadors underwent a leadership camp held by Nomad Adventure, at Gopeng, Perak. SA 1 The camp is the beginning to their journey as a student ambassador for International Medical University (IMU). Not everyone has the capabilities to be a good leader, as a leader does much more than just uniting the group or guiding them towards a goal. Being an excellent and effective leader requires several qualities and values one cannot learn through books or in a classroom. Hence, the leadership camp is an amazing learning opportunity for all the student ambassadors. SA 2 At the camp, the students were trained by the lead facilitator, Mr Gerauld Wong. Students were divided into three groups, each with our own facilitator to guide them in throughout the learning process. Mr Wong planned many activities and challenges for us throughout the camp. Every activity is carried out to challenge the students and improve their skills. There were many challenging games, at which the students had to work together to win the game. They learnt how to work better as team and work with their advantages.

“From the camp, I’ve learnt that problems are easily solved when we think outside the box and challenge the process. In order to be successful, we learnt that we have to fail, try and learn.” – Adrian Chai.

SA21SA7SA11 Mr Wong also brought up several thought provoking topics during the discussions, all of which inspired the students to think differently and also light a way to better understanding. Among the many topics discussed were values of a good leader, the Johari window model, the five practices of exemplary leadership model and also our vision in life. Mr Wong also emphasised on the importance of self-appreciation and self-acknowledgment.

“From this camp, I managed to learn what it takes to be a committed leader and also learn how to challenge my fears. I also learnt how to acknowledge and appreciate myself and the people around me. Best camp ever!” – Angeline Yeoh.

SA22SA17SA9 SA16 Besides this, Mr Wong also challenged us in unique ways during the outdoor activities. On the first day of camp, we went caving at Gua Tempurung. However, our caving experience is like none other. We were challenged to make our way around the cave without turning on our torchlights. In pitch black darkness, we held onto each other and navigated our way. This is followed by another challenge at which we were given only one candle to navigate our way out of the cave. What seems impossible was made possible on that day.

On the second day, we went for a high ropes course at Nomad Adventure’s mountain school. The obstacles include a combination of rock climbing, flying fox, high ropes course and via feratta obstacles set in a multitude of configurations. These engaging activities challenged many of the students to overcome their fear of heights, and also strengthen their team building and risk-taking skills.

SA14SA12SA13 On the last day, the students headed to Kampar River for white water rafting. White water rafting significantly challenged many students to overcome their fear of water. They were first challenged with the water confidence swim before they headed to their boats. White water rafting was a good experience for all of them as it was very exciting and challenging. SA3SA15SA4 Personally, I think that it is a good representative of life as no matter how many times the students got stuck in between the rocks, there is definitely a way out, and the journey continues on. It taught them not to give up and push through despite the obstacles and fear. With determination, everyone successfully completed the 7km route. Many students really enjoyed themselves, hoping to go white water rafting again in future. The many activities planned throughout this camp challenged us, pushed us to our limits, made us overcome our fears and step out of our comfort zone. We learnt that we are capable of so much more than we think. All the camp activities positively shaped us into better leaders. In the words of the late Nelson Mandela, “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

“After the camp, I learnt that we should take risks and try new things in our life in order to improve and move on. I also learnt that giving support and positive encouragement to others will significantly help motivate and give them more confidence.” – Lee Jun Jiet.

SA5 The students left the campsite on 27 April with developed leadership and personal skills. Many friendships between students were also strengthened through this camp. The camp was truly an amazing learning experience, and a wonderful start to our journey as a student ambassador. All the skills learnt shaped us into better individuals, better leaders. We are grateful to IMU for providing us this opportunity. “Although this camp is only 3 days, the time spent with everyone is priceless and the course makes me a better person. I learnt lots of valuable lessons in leading, management and also most importantly, in life.” – Zhi Xin.

“During this camp, I have experienced significant personal growth and developed individual leadership skills that can be used in a number of settings. I believe the acquisition of such skills will prepare me to become a competent leader in the future.” – Esther Yap.

This article is written by Student Ambasssador Yeo Jowynna Xia-Ni.

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