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AMSA – IMU: Inaugural Winner of AMSA – University of the Year Award 2015/2016

26 May 2017

18 Feb 2017 – AMSA – IMU is the first ever winner of the AMSA – University of the Year Award 2015/2016. The award was received by AMSA-IMU university representative and academic research officer,  Tan Jiak Ying (from ME115 cohort) at the award ceremony held at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). The award is based on the number of activities by AMSA and how much impact it has created within the community. AMSA-IMU has been regularly submitting event reports to AMSA-Malaysia and based on the merit of these reports, the award is given. The AMSA-IMU chapter was formed with a philosophy to Unite and Empower its members through Knowledge, Action and Friendship. AMSA-IMU strives to encourage future doctors to participate and reflect on a range of community oriented issues, while also giving them ample opportunities to use the knowledge and experience they gain to shape their future and conduct well as medical professionals. AMSA-IMU has a well-established local presence, with a vast range of long-running projects to date. The Dream Bigger, Reaching Out programme (DBRO) erases borders by providing teaching sessions to refugee children. Regular cancer screening events, that run in conjunction with Empowered (The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia), ensures that members of the public are checked and educated with regards to their health and cancer. AMSA-IMU also hosts the National Anatomy and Pathology Summit (NAPS) in 2014 where medical students in Malaysia participate in workshops, image-based quizzes and clinical case presentations. AMSA-IMU’s presence also extends internationally to the Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP), which facilitates an environment where medical school students hailing from all parts of Asia can mingle and interact with each other. The widespread nature of the group’s activities points towards its well-established reputation in Malaysia. This year, AMSA-IMU hosted World Health Assembly Simulation (MyWHA) for the very 1st time in Malaysia and South-East Asia. Initiated as the first step in introducing the simulated World Health Assembly in the South East Asia region, MyWHA was a platform for enthusiastic young individuals from all academic and professional backgrounds to gather and exchange ideas to tackle some of the issues concerning global health issues. The AMSA_IMU faculty advisor is Dr Arun Kumar Basavaraj, Senior Lecturer and Head of Pathology Division, IMU. More details on AMSA-IMU activities on

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