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An Award-Winning Alumna Reflects on Her Journey Studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at IMU

15 Apr 2022

My three years in International Medical University (IMU) has been an enriching experience for me. From being awarded the Tun Zahir Merit Award to the Institut Kimia Malaysia Award for undergraduate students, I was certainly able to do it only with the immense support provided by the institution, my peers, and my family.

The multi-faceted and well-structured programme has allowed me to grasp the learning materials – both theoretical and practical – with the conviction that I am in safe hands. The learning curve was structured in a way that has been a steady one where it has helped me ease into the more in-depth and advanced material without dramatic hiccups. As a chemistry-focused programme, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme unequivocally did not neglect the other aspects related to this field through the offering of a comprehensive and diverse module. Being a graduate now, the interests piqued allows me a wide array of possible subsequent ventures.

Ong Yee Swen receiving her Institut Kimia Malaysia Award

My lecturers also played an immense part in helping me in my achievements. They readily offer their utmost attention and expertise, both on and off-campus, in furthering my understanding of the syllabi. Any difficulty or obstacles in my learning experience during my undergraduate years were quickly resolved and clarified. Under no circumstance did I feel the need to subject myself to any hesitation. The deadlines set for assignments were also strategically thought-out where I could find good work-life balance for further explorations in other things. I am also really grateful for the classmates that I have as well as my family members.

The learning environment has been synergised through like-minded friends. They have managed to keep me on my feet and in the loop of our studies constantly. The collaborative space provided makes it worthwhile to share ideas and learn from each other as I, alone, could not be the master of everything. Through working together, I was able to realise what my weak points are and to work on it. I am indebted to the support I have been given throughout the years.

Having such excellent support from my friends and family has allowed me to break down the walls of tunnel vision that is prone to diminishing returns. I have always found it fruitful to conduct my studies with clarity and my friends and family were always there to keep me in check whenever I am under strain.

I was not looking to win any awards when I started my studies, nor am I insistent on it now. However, I am definitely honoured and I would like to pay tribute to all the guidance and opportunities that I have received along the way.

Written by Ong Yee Swen, PC218 Alumna

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