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An Innovative Ophthalmologist

07 Dec 2017

The satisfaction of being able to help the sick had sparked Dr Chan Jan Bond’s desire to be a doctor. It all started when he was a 10-year old primary school student who helped a boy with an injured knee. The future Dr Chan dressed the bleeding wound and feeling better, the boy thanked him. This opportunity of being able to help and the healing hands gave him satisfaction and driven him to this career.

Jan Bond started his medical studies at the International Medical University (IMU) in 2001 and graduated five years later with an MBBS (IMU). He had since proceeded to study a specialty and is currently an ophthalmologist at Hospital Shah Alam. His areas of research are mainly related to his work and interest: Refractive Surgery, Cataract and Mobile Technology. This specialist in not only interested in the eye – he has an interest in IT too……. and have always been labelled as the “IT savvy” guy in his department. He loves experimenting with various features… not of the eye, but on his smartphone.

The specialist has been creating ripples with his numerous innovations in telemedicine, using smartphone technology. His innovations include a slit lamp camera adaptor that will plug in directly over the eyepiece of a slit lamp. This innovation allows doctors to take videos, which are useful for fundus photography. For this, Dr Chan won the Best Innovation award by the Health Ministry in 2012. His second innovation is smartphone videography, a further modification of his first effort. With the help of the EZcast/AppleTV, the video is wirelessly transferred to an LED television, making this a wireless smartphone video surgery system. For this, he won best oral presentation at the Asia Pacific Association of Cataract Refractive Surgery 2015. Next, Dr Chan created free phone apps. Instead of using the traditional Snellen chart to test visual acuity, he designed the Rapid Eye Screening Test (REST) app, which is freely available for download from Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Today, the self-confessed techie continues to modify and innovate existing gadgets for the betterment of the medical industry. Speaking on his motivation to come up with these inventions, Jan Bond said, “There are numerous problems in the medical field that has not been solved but my interest in technology provided me an avenue to work on new ideas to solve some of these problems by using readily available technology to make my scope of work easier. I really have to thank my superior for allowing me to explore and research these possibilities. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of Prof Liza Sharmini Tajudin from USM and Dr Nor Fariza Ngah from Hospital Shah Alam. Most of my inventions and innovation were developed whilst pursuing my Masters. I usually start to think and create my inventions during weekends or after work. My family is very supportive of what I do.” Winner of numerous awards, Jan Bond added, “Although I created several inventions, I have yet to put them in the market for production. I am still waiting for the right opportunity to market my inventions. Although my inventions are ready to use, I believe that the design and prototype can be enhanced further through collaboration with engineers and investors. I still have a few ideas in mind which I have not initiated or started yet which is in the pipeline for the future.” Jan Bond’s advice to future doctors is “We all face problems in our everyday work or life. It may sound contradicting but my theory is to simplify processes where possible and to challenge oneself to think out of the box. The world is indeed an endless opportunity.” Related Links: Using everyday tech, this doctor gets innovative when treating eye problems Note : Dr Chan Jan Bond received the Young Alumnus Award – Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the IMU Alumni Homecoming 2017. Related article: IMU Honours Four Outstanding Alumni

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