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Caring for Young and Old Residents at Ti-Ratana

18 Apr 2016

9 April 2016 – IMU staff and students from various programmes participated in a follow through visit to Ti-Ratana. The visit had our staff and students giving massages to the elderly and conducting postural screening for the children. Staff and students were from Chiropractic, Nursing, Biomedical Science, Pathology, Human Biology, IRDI, Nutrition and Dietetics, Academic Services and the IMU Photography Club IMU CARES Prior to the commencement of all activities, a questionnaire was distributed to the residents. The residents were able to answer the questions more accurately as compared to the previous visit (Caring for the Community at Ti-Ratana). Their response showed that they had better knowledge on skin care. IMG_9691 During this visit, counselling was continued to provide better insight to the elderly on the importance of skin care. Massage was also applied on the elderly residents by students and staff. This visit provided students with the opportunity to explore practical and hands-on aspects of counselling and interpersonal skills in working with older adults. Good interpersonal skills can lead to less litigation; creating a friendly environment; development of good reputation for IMU and high quality ‘hands-on’ training for students, staffs and faculty. IMG_9680 Prior to postural screening, a quiz on good posture was initiated by the students. The outcome showed that the Ti-Ratana children understood well on the correct techniques of posture while walking, standing and sitting.  Postural screening was then continued by the Chiropractic students and lecturers. The screening session ended with a dance performance by the Ti-Ratana children together with chiropractic students. The overall report and reflection received from the elderly citizens showed their happiness and satisfaction with the IMU Cares services. The objective of this visit was successfully met. IMG_9725IMG_9726

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