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Clinical Experience in Nursing at Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar, Seremban: A Student Nurse’s Perspective

18 Apr 2023

Clinical posting in various healthcare settings is of utmost importance in nursing education. The experiences gained during clinical postings help student nurses to bridge theories into real-life situations.


As one of the students who is studying Nursing at the International Medical University (IMU), my clinical experience was an eye-opener in many ways, as much as it was challenging yet rewarding.


Clinical postings cultivate a steep learning curve. In the classroom, I learnt about the diseases, diagnoses, and treatments in a theoretical way. But, in the clinical setting, I am dealing with patients with complex conditions; making the experience a lot different than what I was taught in the classroom.


There was an occasion where a patient deteriorated in the blink of eye, and we assisted for an immediate resuscitation in the critical care unit. This is where and how I learnt to apply theory into practice. Initially, I felt the challenges to practice in real life situations. Eventually, I felt more intuitive as I began to understand the patients’ background and underlying conditions.


Another challenge of clinical postings is coping with stress. I encountered a range of emotional changes such as fear, frustration, and sadness. As I become more senior, I learn to cope with stress, and help patients and families to identify their coping methods. I reliased that nurses need to be empathetic and compassionate while keeping up the skills and attributes of nursing profession.

Clinical Posting can be Highly Rewarding
Nevertheless, clinical postings have been rewarding in many ways.


One of the fulfilling aspects is the opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives. As a student nurse, I have been involved in the care of patients, from their initial assessment and diagnosis to their treatment and follow-up. Being able to witness the achievement of favourable health outcomes on patients and their families is incredibly gratifying and motivating.


The opportunity to learn from experienced nurses and other healthcare providers is another motivating factor. Their way of handling complex situations, their communication skills and teamwork are invaluable in my professional development.

In conclusion, my clinical posting experience has been challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. It has taught me to be adaptable, empathetic, and professional as part of the healthcare team. I am always grateful to be able to make a real difference in people’s lives for better health outcomes.


Overall, clinical postings are essential in nursing training; and I strongly believe it has prepared me well for my nursing career in future.


I sincerely thank the IMU faculty and clinical instructors, staff nurses and medical personnel who have guided me well during the clinical posting.


Written by Foo Wei Wen (in the photo above), student nurse NU/120
Reviewed and edited by Dr Chang Woan Ching, Lecturer/Programme Director (BNU)

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