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Nutrition and Dietetics Games 2016: A Day to Strengthen Bonds

05 Aug 2016

15 May 2016 – The Nutrition and Dietetics (NDT) Games 2016 with a ‘Harry Potter’ theme was held at a lecture theatre of the IMU Bukit Jalil Campus. This was an annual event held by second year students from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics. The main objective of this event was to tighten the bonds between alumni and undergraduate students through participation in exciting games and sports. 13652505_10201909302889495_572326332_n About 70 participants from different cohorts (both Nutrition and Dietetics with Nutrition Programmes), including the organising committee and helpers from DN114 cohort took part in this Games. To give a magical and mystical vibe, the main entrance of the lecture theatre was decorated with delicate props which matches the ‘Harry Potter’ theme. 13706315_10201909303089500_1002393836_n The event began with a speech from Programme Director of the Dietetics with Nutrition programme, Jamilah Abd Jamil, followed by the grouping of participants into 6 different houses: Hufflepuff, Goblin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Muggle-Born and Slytherin. As a souvenir, every participant received a colourful bracelet with the tag and colour that represented the houses they were in. This was followed by the ice-breaking session. Participants of each house were given some time to interact and brainstorm for their group cheer. The creative group cheers successfully stirred up the atmosphere! One of the highlights of the event was ‘Quidditch’ (a competitive sport featured in the Harry Potter movies and novels), which took place at the IMU backcourt. All participants cheered for each other and we can see that the relationship among them has been enhanced. After having an intense workout, the participants recharged themselves by having lunch in the IMU Driveway. 13689451_10201909303049499_1999556753_n13735225_10201909302769492_882875100_n After lunch, there were 6 station games namely: Intense ‘Tic Tac Toe’, ‘Reverse Ball Game’, ‘Shout the Number’, ‘Find the Wands’, ‘Telephone Game’ and ‘Blindfold Obstacles’, each taking place at different areas of the IMU campus.

The event ended with a prize giving ceremony. Gryffindor came out as the overall champion, with 2 first runners-up: Hufflepuff and Goblin (the two teams scored equally).

All the participants have had a great and exciting weekend. 13706108_10201909303009498_25052803_n

This article was written by Tan Tong Min, President, NDT Games 2016 and second year student of the Dietetics with Nutrition Programme.

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