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Learning about Spinal Health on World Spine Day 2014

13 Nov 2014

13 October 2014 – World Spine Day is to coordinate global activities aimed to focus attention towards the needs and issues of people affected by musculoskeletal disorders and spinal conditions. It is held every year on 16 October. This year, the International Medical University (IMU) chiropractic students organised this event on 13 October. This year, the World Spine Day celebrations at IMU bagged the third prize.

1908433_10152791064528234_7454854276011768959_nThe aim for this event was to raise awareness of the importance of spinal health in the community with creative projects for clinics, schools, offices, communities and neighbourhoods. This year’s theme for World Spine Day is ‘Straighten Up and Move’ focusing on the importance of proper posture and movement in maintaining good spinal health.

Preparations for this event started a few months ago. It has always been a tradition for the Semester 4 chiropractic students to be in charge of the event. For the World Spine Day this year, 4 booths were set up in the atrium at IMU. The first booth was for the spinal screening where the Semester 2 students were responsible for postural assessment; Semester 4 for the range of motion and motion palpation. Semesters 6 and 8 students were in charge of consultation. 10410656_10152790927978234_2856653929292680577_n There were two game booths which was a grip strength challenge (using a grip strength dynamometer) and an educational booth whereby participants will try to recognise different vertebrae and common problems in daily life related to ergonomics. Another booth was the T-shirt selling booth. The T-shirt was designed by the students and the aim of this T-shirt selling was to increase public awareness of the importance of spinal health. This year, free milk (source of calcium) was given out to the public to emphasise the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. There were also poster displays on spinal health and facts regarding spine or bone disease (done by the chiropractic students) to provide information for any interested parties. 10659196_10152791041183234_7417159667480195895_n1969369_10152791021133234_6624025773390068570_n  

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