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Diagnostic Lecture Series 2021: Essentials in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

20 Oct 2021

The Diagnostic Lecture series is an annual continuing professional development (CPD) programme established by the IMU’s Division of Applied Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology (ABSB) with the aims of enhancing the laboratory science knowledge among the participants, as well as to support lifelong learning and career development of medical laboratory scientists. Continuing the success of Essentials of Cytology (2018) and Basics of Peripheral Blood Film (2019), the Division has again successfully organised Diagnostic Lecture Series 2021: Essentials in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory. The virtual event took place on the 23-24 August 2021 via the Zoom platform. The workshop offered an excellent line-up of speakers who has generously shared their knowledge and wisdom, covering two major themes: virology and bacteriology. Prof Victor Lim delivered a comprehensive overview lecture on the general microbiology laboratory safety, while Mdm Yu Kie d/o Chem, a frontliner virologist from the National Public Health Laboratory, shared with the participants some insider views on the principles and challenges of performing the SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic tests. These two speakers, together with Prof Datuk Dr Lokman Hakim, Pro Vice Chancellor, Research and Director of IRDI, also gave an insightful forum discussion on COVID vaccine safety and readiness in Malaysia.

Besides this, Prof PK Rajesh (AIMST University), Dr Katrina Chung and Dr Amalraj Fabian Davamani shared on fundamental and cutting-edge clinical microbiology techniques, as well as a very interactive and instructive forum on antibiotic sensitivity testing.

This year’s event saw 137 participants, mainly comprising of IMU Biomedical Science undergraduate students and clinical laboratory personnel from various affiliations such as Pantai Premier Pathology Sdn Bhd, Columbia Asia Sdn Bhd, Institut Jantung Negara, BP Clinical Lab Sdn Bhd and Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, actively participating in the workshop.

Participants’ Feedback
Overall, i did learn a lot of useful information that would help me out in the upcoming years!
Very insightful session!
Clear and easy to understand
Would love to attend future events as this is very insightful
Overall, very good
It’s a great experience
Very interesting
Everything is excellent.
The poll made was very interactive.

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