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Educating the Public on Mental Health on World Mental Health Day

09 Dec 2015

IMU CARES 31 October, 2015 – A state level celebration and awareness programme in conjunction with World Mental Health Day was organised by the Department of Psychiatry, Hospital Tuanku Ja’afar Seremban and the State Health Department of Negeri Sembilan. This programme, which was open to the public, was supported by IMU Cares and was conducted at the Club House, Seremban 2. The objective of the event was to create better understanding of mental health issues with a focus on symptoms of mental illnesses and mental health preventive measures. Prof Philip George, Dr Shane Varman and Dr Selvi recruited International Medical University medical students for this event. These students prepared the flyers and pamphlets that were distributed at the event. MH3MH1 On the day of the event, we helped to distribute the pamphlets and also to usher and register participants. The event was also educational in terms of promoting awareness about the social stigma that people with mental illness face in their daily lives. Aside from educating the public about mental illness, the hospital helped promote healthy lifestyle measures pertinent to the prevention and also mangement of mental illnesses. There was also a programme to educate the members of the public with regards to the correct usage of medication as well as the importance of the use of certified medication. MH9MH 13 A blood donation drive was also held and 3 of our volunteers signed up and donated blood. Overall, it was a beneficial event and helped to highlight an area of medicine that is often neglected. It was in keeping with the theme this year for World Mental Health Day which is Dignity in Mental Health.


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