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An Enchanted Evening at NDT Graduation Night 2016

27 May 2016

Enchanted Garden – the theme of the night of NDT Graduation Night 2016. This annual event of the IMU Nutrition & Dietetics (N&D) cohorts was held at Duchess Place, Kuala Lumpur on 30 April, 2016. A tradition that has been passed down since the first batch of N&D pioneers, it is a night for us to celebrate the completion of the graduates’ hard work in IMU. Organised by DN113, a great amount of effort was put in for the whole event, venues searches, sponsorships, performances, event planning and decorations, all for this special and memorable night for the graduating batches. 13147665_1214196351938737_3770683332904192917_o13087802_10209453256114087_5193178486642911795_n Before the event commenced that evening, it was raining buckets. However, we were delighted that most of our guests put on their best effort for this memorable night. All the attendees turned up looking dashing and smashing, they arrived looking so dazzling. Walking in with amazement, we couldn’t stop staring how beautiful everyone was! Each attendee was presented with a mini baby breath bouquet, bountifully sponsored by Warm Wishes Florist. Upon arrival, our guests were led to the dessert table where they could enjoyed varieties of scrumptious cakes and desserts, all thanks to La Dent Sucrée, Saya Bake, @bydhiarazak and Kafe Ahla for their sponsorships. 13262226_10154086538073930_563274710_o After filling their empty stomachs, the guests were ushered to their seats. The event started off with a graceful ballet performance by Yong Jin Jin, one of the graduating students from NT113. 13242236_1226789870679385_523329414_o Once the emcees commenced the ceremony, the event continued with a line of performances prepared by the cohort of DN113. It started off with a flute and piano duet, charming our guests with the beautiful melody. Our guests were accompanied by singing performances throughout their dinner session and it was also a great chance for everyone to mingle around. To further spice up the event, a group of 6 talented ladies danced to some songs to entertain and WOW the audiences. Announcing the best dressed award was the most thrilling moment throughout the night. The marvellously looking Wong Kai Hao and Lee Qiao Fang, both from ND112, was crowned as the winners. The graduating batches, DN112 and NT113, walked down the memory lane when a throwback video and a video by the lecturers were played. It flashed back all the good old times that they had spent together in these years. A few representatives from each graduating batch were invited to the stage to share on the memories they had throughout the years in IMU. 13271934_10154086592433930_873158282_o13118867_10209453147231365_5303571984871031313_n

The event ended with a great success, with smiles on the faces of every guest!


What a memorable night it was.

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