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From a Pharmacist to a Career in the Event Industry

07 Nov 2018

Samantha Liong Huey Sian has always been very keen to do research and develop new drugs. In order to achieve her dreams, she started her studies in pharmacy at the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia and graduated with a MPharm from the University of Strathclyde, UK. She then continued to pursue a Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Analysis. Unfortunately, when Samantha graduated, there were no opportunities in drug development in Malaysia. The manufacturing companies in Malaysia were all into researching and developing generic drugs. This led Samantha to seek other opportunities for her career. She has certainly come a long way since graduating with her degree, evolving from a pharmacist to an event organiser – currently a Sales & Marketing Manager for Travel Tales (M) Sdn Bhd and D Jungle Resorts Sdn Bhd (Eight Acres). Upon graduating with her Masters, Samantha did her pupillage at the (previously known) UPHA Pharmaceuticals. After completing her pupillage, she worked as a Production Pharmacist with HOE Pharmaceuticals. She then decided to change path and started her career in the sales of medical equipment with KL Scientific after 3 years at HOE Pharmaceuticals and realising that she had the gift of the gab. “Since then, I ventured into different portfolios within the group of companies (i.e. sister companies of KL Scientific) – business development in events, tours and resort management – focusing on building start-ups. I left the group of companies for a while, to gain more experience and went to join Aeon Wellness as an Area Manager where I was responsible for the shop operations for 16 outlets. However, after 2 years, I left and currently I am holding the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for Travel Tales (M) Sdn Bhd and D Jungle Resorts Sdn Bhd (Eight Acres). In between, I have been appointed as a Marketing Consultant for a Food and Beverage company, Souled Out, to drive their marketing initiatives. In total, I accumulated a total of 17 years of work experience. Despite not practising as a pharmacist, the knowledge that I have gained from my Pharmacy studies has not gone to waste as I am able to give “medical advice” when I am on programmes/events, or when networking with my clients. It also gives me the opportunity to chat about other topics especially on health aspects with my clients, other than business talk.” As Sales & Marketing Manager, Samantha focuses on Travel Tales Sdn Bhd and D Jungle Resorts Sdn Bhd. Leveraging on the two business entities, she has developed marketing plan and sales strategies by identifying emerging opportunities not confined to sales & marketing aspects but also in delivering team bonding initiatives.

Recalling fondly of her time at IMU, Samantha said, “I have many memories at IMU, but the 3 most memorable moments for me were when I met my husband at IMU, my graduation day and my university mates who I consider to be close to as we still keep in touch and make the effort to meet up as often as we can. I also appreciate the fact that I am able to go back to IMU today and still be remembered by some of the staff and lecturers!”

Having been at crossroads in her career, Samantha truly believes that living by these seven rules is important to her.

Samantha’s Seven Rules
Breathe. Have faith. Be patient.
Be flexible. Be open.
Be analytical and critical in every situation, as well towards yourself.
Articulate and communicate well.
Have empathy.
Find your purpose. Stay focus.
Never regret anything. If fail, learn from it and try again.

We would like to thank Samantha for her time and effort in this interview and would like to wish her all the best in her future endeavours. We are looking forward to hear more from her in the future.

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