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Gaining Knowledge on Teleconsultation

16 Dec 2022

The Covid -19 pandemic curated an extra edge for digitalisation all over the globe.  During this time, healthcare had very swiftly adopted digitalisation. This is the new future of healthcare and telemedicine is one of the components under this huge umbrella.


One of the services which falls under telemedicine is teleconsultation, a service that is rapidly evolving to provide increased access to high-quality healthcare. Therefore, it is important to everyone in healthcare to understand how this real time virtual consultation with doctors takes place.

Dr Shilpa Murthy, a lecturer from the Clinical Skills Department, School of Medicine had the opportunity to arrange a talk on teleconsultation which was held on 24 November 2022 at Dr Mei Ling Young Auditorium at IMU Bukit Jalil campus. The speaker of this talk was Dr Ashwini Nair Prabhakaran, Deputy Medical Director and Acting Head of Academy from Doc2Us, one of IMU’s industrial partners.


The talk was conducted in a hybrid manner in order for the students and faculty from the University’s Seremban campus to attend the talk live online from their campus.

The talk addressed the following:
Describe /define teleconsultation
Explain the importance of teleconsultation in present and newer trends
Discuss different components of teleconsultation
List ethical and legal issues of teleconsultation
Elaborate about teleconsultation etiquette
Familiarise the importance of the introduction of teleconsultation in early medical school learning

Dr Ashwini gave an elaborative informative talk with great finesse and expertise.  She even shared a few cases and had an open discussion about teleconsultation. The event would not have happened without the help of Dr Yam Wai Keat and was conducted after the 5G Ambulance demonstration.

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