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Going Beyond Academics in IMU Foundation in Science

24 Aug 2023

Beginnings are always challenging, but my journey with IMU Foundation in Science (FIS) was an exciting one. It was nearly 5 years ago since I joined the FIS programme and became acquainted with this institution.

I guess the hallmark of these 12 beautiful months studying Foundation in Science is when everyone was given an avenue to explore various healthcare pursuits – many came in here and was so certain to head towards a particular programme yet ended up on a different path. With that said, it was a safe space for us to be curious and gain exposure, as well as understand options and the career prospects we could have across an array of healthcare professions.

As I recollect the time during my FIS studies at IMU, a couple of modules that stand out from the rest are Thinking Skills and Cross Boundary Studies. Honestly, I would not have expected that identifying fallacies and selling brownies to be part of my FIS journey.


Yet, that’s exactly how the programme goes beyond laying a core foundation with fundamental healthcare knowledge and vocabulary. It was also nurturing within us a mindset of critical thinking and a compassionate commitment to community service – two aspects that cannot be quantified through grades but hold immense importance in professions which are centered around providing assistance and support.


Precisely, Cross Boundary Studies gave us the opportunity to be familiar with the basic cycle of community engagement.  This ranged from generating ideas for the assistance we could offer to the selected organisation, all the way to raising funds to fulfill the set goals. The process facilitated creative thinking and team collaborations for project planning and executions, which was a great experience for me in stepping out of my comfort zone and learning crucial skills for problem solving.


As for my academic journey, I did not excel in all subjects, unfortunately. Chemistry and Mathematics are my weaknesses, but with the help of my encouraging peers and a shared passion for healthcare, I was able to overcome these challenges. The diverse strengths that motivated each of us to excel in various aspects also played a crucial role.

Foundation year is a chapter where we not only learn from each other, but also create memories and look forward to seeing one another shining in our respective future. Some of us continued our collaborations in campus events and community projects despite continuing our studies on different undergraduate programmes, especially when our diverse pursuits allow us to access varied resources for our common vision.

With that, I completed my FIS which had revolved around ample support and meaningful connections as I turned the page to embark on another remarkable chapter of my Psychology undergraduate journey, where my fellow classmates and I to achieve greater heights.

Written by Evelyn Chong Yi Qie


Evelyn Chong Yi Qie completed her studies and was awarded a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology on 5 November, 2022. She was one of the students in the Dean’s List of Graduands with High Academic Achievements during the graduation ceremony.

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