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Grooming of Health Professions Educators of the 21st Century with a Career-enhancing-degree-for-educationists

04 Dec 2020

The educational and training processes of doctors and other allied health professionals require constant updating in order to adequately respond to the changing environment of professional practice. This calls for a continuous review and reorganising of the training processes of the health professions educators. In the 21st century with the relentless progress of technology and currently under the COVID-19 pandemic, educators face daunting challenges. An understanding of the principles of education and of adult learning helps an educator to structure his ability to deliver and groom his students successfully to meet the demands of the society. The challenge of reconciling the tensions and differing perspectives of the learners and health professions education providers pose a perpetual problem in ensuring successful learning experiences. Healthcare providers are vital to the health of the nation and society and should be well educated and resilient to meet the demands of a rapidly changing health landscape. Health professions education is in the frontline of professional practice. Health professional educators help students realize their true potential as caring and competent professionals. They create opportunities for learners to contribute to their institutions, and to their national and regional priorities. The International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is one of the private universities in Malaysia with an outstanding rating of 6 star. The university offers a Postgraduate Health Professions Education Degree, designed to meet the needs and aspirations of 21st century health professions educators. The programme is unique as it offers multiple exit opportunities, and a student can graduate with a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master Programmes in Health Professions Education.

About Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master in Health Professions Education
The programme enables learners to develop an in-depth understanding of educational theories, principles and values in relation to the contemporary learning environment and assessment, drafting and reviewing of outcome-based curriculum and development of professional managerial qualities. It opens career opportunities and equips the students with enhanced skills to carry out health professions education research. The programme at the IMU is offered as a mixed mode of coursework combined with research training. Being offered in a blended mode, it ensures use of adult learning principles enabling students to work towards a Master’s degree at their own pace and time. The course content is prepared and offered by well-trained educators from both Malaysia and abroad whose rich experiences offer illuminating information and perspective to the learners. The university with an extensive library and e-learning facility also support the online learning experience under the current condition of COVID-19, allowing students to learn online (both from a live session and at their own time) and face-to-face as required. Under normal conditions, much of the study is conducted online, with some weekend face to face sessions on-campus. The Programme thus offers personalized education with access to online learning together with social and professional interaction, and trains educators in modern contextual health professions education.

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