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IMU Alumna among 150 University Students who Met with Danish Senior Executives at a Denmark Talent Conference

10 Mar 2017

IMU Alumna, Emilie Hovah, 23, from Mauritius recently had a unique experience at a global talent conference in Denmark. As a member of an exclusive community of dedicated, international young students, she had the chance to discuss global career opportunities in Denmark with high-level executives from Danish global companies. On 12 December, a group of 150 selected international students, currently living and studying in Denmark, attended the talent conference at the headquarters of Arla Foods, the 4th largest dairy company in the world. The young talents had the opportunity to personally meet senior executives from global Danish businesses like Arla, Mærsk, momondo, COWI, Unity Technologies and Systematic. One of those talented young people was Emilie Hovah from Mauritius, Bel Air who is studying Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. yga 2 ”It was an honor to meet the open-minded, innovative and very experienced company representatives. It tells a lot about Denmark as a society that values a low hierarchy so I, as a student, can encounter all these influential executives from international companies in such an informal environment”, says Emilie. Emilie is part of the Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark, a global talent and career development programme in Denmark. Since 2012 a community of more than 800 young professionals used their network to create global cooperation and future career opportunities in Denmark while studying and living in the country. yga 3 The Danish global companies present at the talent conference 12th December are interested in meeting and getting to know the 150 young students, who originates from 63 different countries in the world. “We are in the global market place and therefore we need talents with a global mindset – aiming for a career in a global environment,” says Natalie Knight, Arla’s Chief Financial Officer, who joined the event.

Connecting countries and business on a personal level
But why organise a matchmaking event between young global talents and Danish global businesses? “Highly-skilled international staff are coveted, and there is fierce competition for them. Greater Copenhagen and Denmark is attractive and known on the global scene for our innovative businesses, our values and life quality, but we are also a small country who needs to be proactive in the global competition,” says Claus Lønborg, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity, who’s ambition is to connect international talents with Danish businesses to create growth and innovation in the Danish society for the future.
Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark
The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Program was founded by Copenhagen Capacity in close collaboration with the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps and in partnership with all 8 universities across Denmark.

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