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IMU Chinese Medicine Graduates Awarded Full Chinese Scholarship

14 Oct 2016

IMU Chinese Medicine Alumna, Goh Si Woei, has been awarded a full scholarship from the Chinese government to further pursue her Masters studies in China. She has secured a place at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and intends to pursue her Masters in Chinese Medicine Gynaecology. Sw2 Si Woei started studying Chinese Medicine at the University in 2012 and graduated four years later. An outgoing and proactive learner, she demonstrated excellent academic performance during her time at IMU. SW21 The award of such prestigious scholarship to an IMU graduate is a recognition of the IMU Chinese Medicine programme by the Chinese government. The high quality of teaching faculty and conducive learning environment at IMU has created an excellent ground for producing some of the finest and competent Chinese Medicine graduate in Malaysia. Another Chinese Medicine alumnus, Tang Sin Wei was awarded a full scholarship from the Chinese government to further pursue her Masters studies in China. SW22 “I was really happy and excited when I received the letter of confirmation to have secured a full scholarship from the China Government Scholarship. The full scholarship will enable me to pursue my Masters in Acupuncture and Tuina in Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,” said Sin Wei. SW24 Sin Wei was one of the first batch of IMU graduates who completed her full studies in Chinese Medicine locally from 2011 to 2015. As the pioneer who went to Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to complete her internship, she is open-minded and is willing to share her thoughts and ideas when asked. Additionally, she is good at arts. During leisure time, she likes to draw. Sin Wei also commented, “IMU has prepared me well to face all the challenges and I’m very grateful for it.” The Chinese government scholarship programme aims to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges between China and other countries. Administered by the China Scholarship Council, this scholarship is open to all international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research in Chinese universities.

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