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IMU Got Talent 2024: Celebrating Student Talent and Creativity

07 Jun 2024

IMU Got Talent 2024 marks a historic milestone as the first-ever talent show at IMU University. This pioneering event, a collaborative effort between the IMU Student Ambassadors and the IMU Music Club, provided a platform for students to showcase their unique talents, skills, and creativity, fostering a sense of self-expression and celebrating diverse abilities. The event aimed to promote entertainment, encourage artistic development, and inspire the pursuit of passions while creating a positive and inclusive environment. It served as a means of cultural exchange and community building, enriching the social fabric of the IMU community.


This event is divided into three rounds, where participants have the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing, dancing, instrumental performances, and more. Each performance is evaluated by a panel of judges, ensuring a fair and discerning selection process.

General Audition: Unveiling Hidden Talents

The journey began on 17 April with the general audition held at the university atrium. Inviting students to display their unique abilities across various disciplines, the auditions were a testament to the diverse and vibrant talents within our community. From singing and dancing to dramatic performances and instrumental showcases, each performer brought their best, hoping to impress the esteemed panel of judges.


Music Club Advisor, Dr Fabian
Representative from the Student Services Hub (SSH), Ms Attikah, and
One of the representatives from our sponsor LS Music, Ms Tanne

The judges had the challenging task of selecting the most promising acts to advance to the next round.


Among the many talented participants, Tan Kai Zhe (ME122) stood out and received the GOLDEN TICKET in the audition round, allowing him to proceed straight to the grand finale.

Semi-Finals: The Battle for the Spotlight

On 26 April, the excitement moved to Lecture Theatre 2 for the semi-final round. This direct elimination round was more intense, with participants vying for a spot in the grand finale. The semi-finals showcased the immense talent and dedication of the participants, each striving to earn a coveted place in the final showdown. The judges evaluated the performances based on pre-defined criteria, ensuring a fair and discerning selection process.

Grand Finale: A Night of Unforgettable Performances

The grand finale, held on 3 May at the IMU auditorium, was the highlight of IMU Got Talent 2024. The atmosphere was electric as the best talents from the auditions and semi-finals took to the stage to captivate the audience. The auditorium was filled with eager spectators, all excited to witness the culmination of weeks of preparation and hard work. Adding to the prestige of the event, we were honoured to have alumni Ms  Tee Weng Yan (DN109) as a guest judge, whose expertise and insights enriched the judging panel and added an extra layer of excitement to the evening.


The finale showcased a remarkable array of talent, from soulful singing and energetic dance routines to powerful instrumental performances. The evening concluded with the announcement of the winners:


Delight Tchegyeu (PC124)

Drum Performance

2nd Place

Shanice Kong Yee Wee (ME121)


3rd Place

V-Choom (ME222, CM222)

K-Pop Dance

Alumni’s Favourite

 Thong Chin Yee Nicole (MB123)

Latin Dance

These winners, along with all the participants, have left an indelible mark on the event, making IMU Got Talent 2024 a memorable and inspiring experience.

Project Objectives: Fostering Talent and Confidence

By bringing together participants and audiences, the event encouraged appreciation and support for talent in its many forms. Additionally, IMU Got Talent served as a means of cultural exchange and community building, enriching the cultural and social fabric of the IMU community. The event also aimed to boost participants’ confidence by giving them an opportunity to perform in front of an audience. For many, participating in a talent show can be a valuable confidence-building experience, providing a sense of achievement and recognition.

Platform for Diverse Talent Showcase

IMU Got Talent 2024 provided a unique platform for students to show their diverse talents, ranging from singing and dancing to dramatic performances and instrumental showcases. This diversity not only entertained but also celebrated the rich variety of skills and creativity within the student body.

Fostering Artistic Development

The event encouraged artistic development by giving participants the opportunity to refine their skills and perform in front of the audience and a panel of judges. This exposure is crucial for artistic growth and confidence-building.

Confidence Boost for Participants

Performing in front of an audience can be a significant confidence booster for students. The structured environment of the talent show, combined with constructive feedback from judges, helped participants gain self-assurance and public speaking skills.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsor

IMU Got Talent 2024 would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsor, LS Music. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to LS Music for sponsoring the instruments and controlling the PA system throughout the event. Their contribution ensured that our participants had the best possible equipment to showcase their talents, and the seamless management of the PA system guaranteed a smooth and professional performance for all.

Looking Forward

IMU Got Talent 2024 was more than just a talent show; it was a celebration of creativity, unity, and the extraordinary talents within our community. The organising committee extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants, judges, sponsor, and supporters who contributed to the event’s success.


As we look forward to future editions, IMU Got Talent will continue to be a platform where students can shine, inspire, and bring the community together through their remarkable talents.

What Our Students Say

Ng Chu Hui, President


Leading the Student Ambassador team for IMU Got Talent required me to utilise leadership and team-building skills that are essential in any professional setting. It reinforced the importance of clear communication, delegation, and motivation, which are all crucial for effective team management.

Chow Jing Xuen, Secretary

Taking on the role of Secretary for IMU Got Talent taught me the value of meticulous planning and documentation. Keeping track of meeting minutes, schedules, and communications ensured that all team members were aligned and informed, which is critical in both academic and professional environments.

Written by Ng Chu Hui

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