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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Secures Scholarship to Pursue Postgraduate Studies in UK

01 Jun 2016

KH45 An interest in the field of science and medicine has led Foo Keat Hong to choosing a career in medical biotechnology (MB). Having made his choice to study this field, he started his studies in IMU in 2012 and graduated with his degree in 2015. With the encouragement of his role models – IMU lecturers, he decided to pursue his postgraduate studies. Immediately after his graduation, he secured a partial scholarship from Coventry University, UK and is currently pursuing Master of Science in Biotechnology at this University. FKH2 Recalling his time studying medical biotechnology at IMU, Keat Hong said, “IMU MB have a lot of interesting laboratory sessions such as pathology, microbiology etc. While studying at IMU, I also got to know some interesting and hardworking friends (Kong Zhi Xian and Seow Yi Thern) who encouraged me to study harder while having fun together.” He added, “IMU have provided me with the basic foundation of a biotechnologist and fully prepared me in terms of practical and knowledge. I am able to perform and adapt well in my Master studies as IMU has really prepared and trained me well and allowed me to have a more relaxed and less stressful time while studying in UK.” Keat Hong is expected to complete his MSc in September 2016. He hopes that in the future he will be able to make a breakthrough in the medical field using his knowledge and innovation, and ultimately contribute to the mankind. FKH3 Related article: Final Year Medical Biotechnology Student Gained Valuable Experience at Conference in New Zealand

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