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IMU Medical Biotechnology Alumnus Returns to Alma Mater to Pursue MSc in Public Health

08 Jun 2016

Kiew Kim Boon joined the International Medical University (IMU) in 2012 to study medical biotechnology (MB) and graduated three years later in 2015. With the support and guidance of his parents morally and financially, he then returned to his alma mater and is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in public health – MSc in Public Health.

Elaborating on his postgraduate studies, Kim Boon said, “As a Public Health student, I am required to explore and identify the current health issues in Malaysia, followed by the preparation of a research proposal. I have to decide what are the instruments required to collect the data from the community. After that, the data will be analysed and included in my research thesis.”

KKB1 “The modules in MB help me in my postgraduate studies as the curriculum covered information from different areas for instance Applied Microbiology & Parasitology module has provided essential knowledge about bacteria, viruses and parasites that might be present around us. By studying the characteristics of different microorganisms we could identify the best ways to educate the public from getting infections.” During his undergraduate studies, Kim Boon had the opportunity to go for industrial training and conducting community service, which further stimulated his interest in serving the community. “As a MB student, we are not only exposed to lab work but we are also focussed on community service. We went to Kampung Sebir located at Labu, Negeri Sembilan. Our main task is to collect the soil and water samples from different places around the village and analyse the types of microorganisms present in different samples. After that, we need to plan an effective ways to educate the local communities so that they are aware of the microbial threats, maintain their personal hygiene and lower the chances of getting sick easily.” Related copy : Serving the Community of Kampung Sebir, Labu

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