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An IMU Medical Biotechnology Degree Leads to Postgraduate Studies in UK

27 Jun 2016

The rapid advancement in technology sparked Nicholas Kok Zi Zheng’s interest in biotechnology. This interest deepened with the appearance of new inventions and discoveries and how these new innovations are put to practical use to solve modern problems. Nicholas started his medical biotechnology degree at IMU in 2012 and graduated with his degree three years later.

“It is amazing to know that IMU is highly reputable not just locally but worldwide. Thanks to IMU, I was able to of secure a place in the University of Edinburgh to pursue my postgraduate studies.”

Nicholas4 Nicholas is currently postgraduate student pursuing a one-year MSc Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh. Currently in his final semester, he is required to submit a dissertation paper as a final project. The paper is based on a 3-month industrial placement with a start-up biotech company, Neurocentrx Pharma Ltd, a company that deals with pain management and palliative care.

At IMU, Nicholas considers a brief module on business enterprise as one of the best learning experiences. He had the opportunity to work in a team and produce a business plan for a new biotechnology-related product.

“From the start, it was not easy, as it was a totally different ball game from what we had been studying. Not only were we deluged with many new concepts and ideas on the proposed company set-up and the new product, we had to package the plan in order to make it feasible, supporting it with financial statements, organisation and gnatt charts, and so on. Through much brainstorming, we managed to work as a team to solve conflicts, accept and contribute ideas to complete the business project assignment. It was such an enlightening and eye-opening experience for me that I am spurred to consider pursuing a post-degree course that focuses on research and business in Biotechnology.” Nicholas1 “The field trips were also great learning experiences I gained in IMU – what I had learnt outside classroom blended well with what was being taught in class. The field trips also created an awareness of the many job opportunities for us.”

“The programme has also provided me an opportunity to take part in a community project – extracting environmental samples located near the village. Working as a team together with my course mates, we identified harmful microbes within these samples using microbiology, biochemical and molecular biology approaches. The findings were later presented to the villagers. Thus, we helped to play a part in instilling health awareness in the village community.”

“Internship provided in the IMU programme has prepared me well with my current placement. The experience boosted my confidence and interaction skills. During my stint as an intern at Chemopharm, my responsibilities included weekly reporting to my manager of my achievements as well as sharing with her of problems encountered and remedial actions taken. The experience gained in working within tight deadlines has been instrumental in helping me have better work prioritisation and time management skills.”

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