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IMU Medical Student is the first student to complete ESME Online Course

20 Dec 2013

3 December 2013 – An International Medical University (IMU) student who transferred to University of Dundee to complete her medical training, Dairshini Sithambaram, is the first student to complete the ESME (Essential Skills in Medical Education) Online Course. This is a widely recognised course offered by AMEE (Association for Medical Education in Europe) and is designed for doctors and other healthcare professionals to be trained in teaching.

20th Anniversary Dar photo

“I think it is an honour to be the first student to complete the ESME Online Course. I have been blessed to meet some very inspiring and well respected figures in the medical world and have been given the opportunity to develop my interest at a very early stage. This interest was first sparked off from the passion I observed among the IMU lecturers and their knowledge of the subject matter. I then had a brief opportunity to peer tutor the junior students after completing the first phase of my studies in IMU. It has been good to then learn in greater depth what the process involves which makes you appreciate your education system a lot more”, said Dairshini. Besides taking the course, Dairshini also provided her perspective for the course to be conducted for medical students in the future. Dar photo Dairshini added, “At this stage of my medical career, teaching for me is to learn twice. Teaching enables you to gain better understanding and to solidify the information that you already know. In the future, I see it as an opportunity to share your knowledge and passion to others as well as a push to always keep you on top of your game. A structured course such as this is a good foundation to build on. Knowing the form of planning that goes into simple things like your seating arrangement during group work to how assessments are made gives you a clear picture of your path and the ability to play an active role in your own education.” Congratulations to Dairshini! You have certainly done IMU proud.

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