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IMU Nursing Student Gained Valuable Clinical Learning Experience in Singapore

23 Oct 2017

17 April 2017 – 28 April 2017 – A final year nursing student from the International Medical University (IMU), Lee Pei Khim had the opportunity to undergo her clinical attachment at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), Singapore as part of her Semester 8 elective module under the University’s Student Mobility Programme.  At the hospital, she was assigned to the Neurological Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Commenting on her experience at TTSH, Pei Khim said: “Being posted to Neurological ICU (NICU) feels like transitioning myself back to neuroscience posting once again. Just that this time I was given a chance to observe more varieties of neurological cases as well as neurosurgical cases. During my time there, I have learnt more about the common neurological and neurosurgical cases, interpretation of Chest X-Ray, CT brain, CT angiography and MRI brain. As the National NeuroScience Institute (NNI) is situated next to NICU of TTSH, I managed to walk through the whole building with my clinical preceptor on the first day of attachment.” NNI is a national specialist centre and regional centre for clinical referrals for the management and treatment of the neurosciences. It is the only specialised neuroradiology department in Singapore that consists of a specialised team of neuro-radiologists who provide subspecialised neuroradiology service to various hospitals in Singapore and across the region. Offering a range of neurology, neurosurgery and neuroradiology services using the latest technology, NNI operates in two campuses, namely Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Singapore General Hospital. Besides observing critical and emergent procedures, Pei Khim was also fortunate to be attached with an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who play an active role in NICU during ward rounds and planning the care for patients together with the consultants and the fellow registrars. APNs are registered nurses who hold a Master’s degree or higher in any of the four advanced practice nursing roles (nurse practitioners; nurse anesthetists; nurse-midwives; clinical nurse specialists). Needless to say, the hospital was very supportive of the student’s learning needs. “During my time being posted to NICU of TTSH, I have worked with a team of registered and enrolled nurses coming from various countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and China. I must say that all the working nurses have shown me a good team dynamics in managing and delivering patient care. All the nurses in this department were certainly helpful in my learning process, especially the preceptors whom I was assigned to be with. They not only ensured that I achieved my learning objectives, but they also encouraged me to do active questioning and take part in observing emergency procedures. Besides, the additional guidance and support given by my seniors who are currently working in NICU, Liew Wai Han and Hong Qi Ting (IMU Nursing Alumni, batch NU1/11) really made my clinical attachment a heartwarming and pleasant one.”

“I am glad to be given the opportunity to experience two weeks of clinical attachment at one of the well known hospitals in Singapore. It was truly an enriching experience as I got to observe another perspective of healthcare other than the one that I use to see in Malaysia. Two weeks was a short period of time, nevertheless this experience broadens my perspectives on the nursing practices, nursing management and nursing care of patients in a hospital of a different country. No doubt, TTSH had provided me a good platform to learn, to explore, and to gain a deeper knowledge in this specialised area.”

“I am thankful to my lecturers who have been very supportive and to IMU for the funding under the Student Mobility programme. This elective nursing had provided me an opportunity to gain new learning experiences abroad. Having this overseas exposure has indeed enhanced my clinical experience and widened my views in many nursing aspects.”

Written by Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) NU1/13 student, Lee Pei Khim

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