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IMU Nursing Students Achieved 100% Passes in Professional Licensure Examination for 7th Consecutive Year

24 Jul 2015

Nursing students from the International Medical University (IMU) from its seventh cohort passed their Professional Licensure Examination, marking the 7th consecutive year of 100% passes since its first cohort of students who sat for the same examination in 2009. Nursing 1 In order to become registered with the Malaysia Nursing Board and obtain their license to work in Malaysia, nursing students are required to sit for the Malaysian Nursing Board Examination upon successful completion of their studies. IMU’s graduates are highly sought after both locally and in the international market thus reaffirming its status as a premier institution for producing industry sought after graduates where majority of the students were offered scholarships as well as job placements especially in Singapore well before they graduate. Chia Ren Nursing Commenting on the programme, a student from this cohort, Low Chia Yen, said, “The four years journey of studying in IMU was a memorable experience for me and one thing I love most about completing my nursing programme here is having wise, caring, skilful and knowledgeable lecturers and clinical instructors who constantly shape and mould me to be a better and competent nurse.” “Moreover, in the nursing programme we are given opportunities to be involved in community activities and projects that broaden our perspective in life. From these activities, I learned not only to organise and plan activities according to the needs of the participants that are involved but the most valuable lesson I learnt was to be selfless and learn to think of others.” Tan Tock Seng Nursing “I was also nominated and won the IMU Aflame Student Award 2015. I am grateful for being in an institution that recognises students who has a passion for the society as a healthcare personnel.” Ho Jia Wei, who was from the sixth cohort, said “Four years of university life as a nursing student in IMU had definitely made me learn and became a better person. Stimulated learning environment on campus have prepared us well before we step into real world.”

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“Clinical placements for every semester in government hospitals were well arranged and very much appreciated. Clinical placement had allowed us to gain experiences and it benefits us very much as in hands on practices and interpersonal relationships.” “Besides, IMU provided us knowledgeable lecturers and experienced clinical tutors to guide us in hospitals. Encouragement and motivation from lecturers and tutors were inspiring and kept my nursing dream flaring at all times. I’m glad to build confidence for my clinical practice and gain wonderful friendships throughout my university life”. Nursing 2Nursing 3 Ho Siew Seen, who graduated in 2010, first started her nursing career in Tung Shin Hospital, Kuala Lumpur before joining the National University Hospital, Singapore. Currently, she is doing well and her feedback was that IMU Nursing programme had trained her well to be an independent and self-directed learner. According to her, this is the attribute that made IMU nursing graduates unique and different as compared with the nursing graduates from other universities. She is grateful for the guidance from all the lecturers, tutors and preceptors throughout her training in IMU. Master1 As the programme provides a strong foundation for students which enable them to progress to postgraduate level confidently, the majority of IMU nursing graduates have moved on to successfully complete their post graduate studies and specialisation both locally and abroad ie United Kingdom, Japan and United States. Furthermore, as the programme is conducted fully in English, our graduates have the capability to work at places all over the world. All IMU graduates have been gainfully employed and organisations/employers have come forward, wanting to offer full sponsorship for the fees and expenses to take up this programme. NUH Nursing This success is mainly due to the Nursing programme outcome which focuses on preparing the students to be self-directed lifelong learners and development of competencies including critical thinking, problem solving, research as well as communication, in enhancing the effectiveness of their clinical practice and preparing them to be confident and resilient to the current work environment. Students were exposed to various innovative teaching and learning strategies such as interprofessional learning, flipped classroom, i-lectures, elective nursing and non–nursing (local and abroad) placements to further enhance their learning. Students are also given the option to complete the Nursing degree at University of Queensland for a year upon completion of three years in IMU. Related articles: Nursing Alumni Return to Work at their Alma Mater IMU Nursing Students Achieve 100% Nursing Board Exam Pass Rate for 5th Straight Year

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