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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus Furthers Her Studies to Postgraduate Level

22 Sep 2014

Sylvia Joanne a/p Laurence graduated with a BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree from International Medical University in July 2012 and joined Universiti Malaya (UM) to study a Masters in October of the same year. Two years later, in May, she was able to convert her masters to PhD.  For this PhD, she is studying the effect of an intracellular bacteria ‘Wolbachia’ found naturally in Aedes albopictus on the mosquito susceptibility towards dengue virus in the field of Parasitology. Prior to joining UM, she was working as a Life Science Specialist at Vivamui Sdn Bhd for three months. She shares with us her journey from a student to where she is now. “I love Chemistry and wanted to study something to do with Chemistry. I chose Pharmaceutical Chemistry because it has a broader scope to venture to after a degree compared to just a degree in pure Chemistry. Besides that, I always wanted to study in IMU since school days as it is one of the leading universities in Malaysia.” “Studying the pharmaceutical chemistry programme in IMU has taught me to work under pressure and multi-task. Most importantly, it had a broad spectrum of curricular content. Upon completion of my degree, I received many offers from different departments namely microbiology, parasitology, pharmacy, pharmacology, chemistry, chemical engineering, molecular and toxicology. There were so many choices because the Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme in IMU taught us many different modules which seemed unrelated at that time but is very useful now. A degree from IMU especially hold a huge impact on employers and supervisors.” “Since completing my degree in IMU, I have been started a home tuition agency and am teaching home tuition besides doing research for my PhD.” Sylvia Joanne plans to complete her PhD in 2015 and then be a lecturer in a renowned university.

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