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IMU Pharmaceutical Chemistry Alumnus Working in the Pharmaceutical Industry

07 Oct 2014

As a University which started 22 years ago, the International Medical University has many students who have gone on to lead successful lives in their careers and in the community. There are many stories to share and here is one on our Pharmaceutical Chemistry alumnus. Manprit Kaur a/p Gurcharan Singh. She is currently working as a Formulation Executive at Pharmaniaga Research Centre. She shares her journey from a student to where she is now. “The Pharmaceutical Chemistry programme is a very different and new yet interesting course. I had the passion for chemistry and wanted to learn something beyond the normal genre, getting into the route of medicines development interested   me. ‘ Yes! I am going to do something different and excel in it’. Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the course that is meant for the job scope that I am venturing into now. Having the theoretical and practical exposure on both pharmaceutical and chemistry during my degree assisted me to understand my task even better and perform better. Immediately after graduation, I got a job as contract staff in Merck Sharp & Dohme (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd under regulatory affairs. It was a great exposure and learning experience for me in joining a multinational pharmaceutical company. Working and studying are definitely two different worlds.” Currently employed as Formulation Executive, Manprit’s job scope is to develop generic medicines. “Basically, we have to conduct the preformulation and formulation study and co-relate it with the analytical aspect of the medicine in terms of release, bioavailability and its stability. Develop the product from the research and development stage up to large manufacturing scale. It is basically a research based job scope.” In the future, Manprit intends to pursue her Masters and contribute more to the industry.

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