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IMU Pharmaceutical Technology Researchers Secured Another Industrial Contractual Research Project

19 Jun 2017

~Yet another feather in the cap for the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology!~

A research team from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, International Medical University (IMU), headed by Dr Venkata Srikanth Meka recently signed another industrial contract research project with InQpharm Group Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. Dr Srikanth, Dr Thiagarajan Madheswaran, Dr Jithendra Panneerselvam and Dr Nagashekhara Molugulu will execute this contractual project. As a capital of expertise and experience, IMU will embark to design and develop a stable enteric coated tablet formulation that is resistant at stomach’s acidic environment and ensures release of actives at intestinal pH. InQpharm is a global life science company active in developing healthcare products that combine Science, Nature and Technology. InQpharm’s products have been the No 1 brand in weight management across Europe and InQpharm is also behind the leading allergy protection brand in several European countries. InQpharm believes in strong networks of partnerships with accomplished scientists and researchers and hence has approached IMU in 2015 to explore formulation and development of solid dosage forms. The relentless efforts of Dr Nagashekhara and Dr Srikanth under the guidance of Prof Mallikarjuna Rao (Associate Dean for Research, School of Pharmacy), influenced the signing of a few contractual projects since then. On-time successful completion of the projects with complying standards, has gained the confidence and further led to the signing of a new challenging project on formulation trials. The present project focuses on improvement of the properties of a heat-sensitive and hygroscopic active material and thereafter development of an enteric coated tablet formulation. The researchers will perform the feasibility evaluation on tableting technology followed by enteric coating of the tablets. Dr Nagashekhara, Head of the Department has played a vital role in signing this contractual project with his techno-commercial knowledge. Dr Srikanth provides the lead in scientific and technical matters, drawing on a wealth of personal experience in academia and industry in controlled release technologies and novel dosage forms. Apart from showcasing IMU’s considerable expertise in pharmaceutical technology, the collaboration is also expected to provide several opportunities for students’ experiential learning and Pharma industry-related project work in connection with the School’s Masters Programmes.

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