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IMU Students Experience Enriching Mobility Programme at AECC University College

13 Jun 2023

I, Choo Choy Tian, a student from the Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of Chiropractic Course, CH219 cohort, recently had the privilege of participating in a transformative mobility programme at AECC University College on 6 March 2023. This programme saw the participation of 13 students from the Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine‘s chiropractic programme at International Medical University (IMU), who embarked on a 2-week journey to AECC University College. The primary objective of this mobility programme was to provide chiropractic students with a profound understanding and appreciation of the chiropractic arts, exceeding what is typically available in the UK.

Upon our arrival, we were warmly welcomed by the AECC University College faculties and their student ambassadors. The Head of the School of Chiropractic, Philip Dewhurst, and Daniel Heritage, the Chiropractic Clinic Lead of AECC University College, provided us with a comprehensive briefing. Following the briefing, the student ambassadors took us on a campus tour, acquainting us with their state-of-the-art facilities. Noteworthy highlights included the anatomage table, MRI room, clinic settings, the pediatrics clinic, and the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre featuring a diagnostic ultrasound room.

During the first week, we engaged in various activities such as observing the student clinic and participating in maternity examinations within the chiropractic clinical settings. We also had the opportunity to embark on a captivating day trip with AECC Asia Pacific Society to Southampton.


In the student clinic, each of us was assigned a clinic buddy or a tutor, allowing us to observe student interns conducting their clinic protocols. These clinic buddies were not only knowledgeable but also provided guidance throughout the session whenever we encountered challenges. We exchanged information and insights on the different approaches to treating patients in Malaysia and the UK, delving into the philosophy of chiropractic. Engaging in conversations with the student buddies helped us gain a deeper understanding of the origin of chiropractic and the remarkable passion they possess for their profession.


Another captivating aspect of the first week was experiencing the role of a patient with their student interns. As the majority of us were student interns at the IMU healthcare clinic, we rarely had the opportunity to be examined or treated by other student interns due to our packed schedules. Therefore, it was delightful to witness how the interns at AECC University College conducted history-taking, physical examinations, report of findings, and treatment procedures from the perspective of a patient.


Transitioning into the second week, we were fascinated by a range of delightful activities, including a kinesiology taping class, diagnostic ultrasound imaging class, wet lab sessions, anatomage table review, and the McGill Endurance test.

The highlight of Week 2 was undoubtedly the anatomy class in the wet lab. At IMU, we do not have access to this type of lab, so the experience was truly enlightening.

We gained valuable insights into identifying body structures through human corpses, which greatly enhanced our anatomical knowledge.


Additionally, we were introduced to the remarkable anatomage table, offering high-resolution and 3-dimensional visualizations of human anatomy. Its features, such as access to stored MRI and CT scans, as well as the ability to study various cases within the system, left a lasting impression on us.


Our Week 2 itinerary also included classes on Functional Muscle Screening and McGill endurance training in the Integrated Rehabilitation Centre, where we learned the precise techniques under the guidance of Marcus Sanger, an expert in Health and Exercise Sciences.


Throughout the entire mobility programme, we were accompanied by Hosanna Cheung, a representative from AECC Asia Pacific Society, who proved to be an invaluable guide. As we navigated our way through unfamiliar routes between classes, we had the pleasure of meeting both seniors and juniors who had participated in the credit transfer programme at AECC University College. It was a nostalgic experience to connect with our fellow IMU peers in the UK, and we shared interesting stories about our respective journeys in the UK and Malaysia. We even had the opportunity to bond over a delightful dinner, fostering new friendships and cultural exchange.


As the 2-week mobility programme drew to a close, we had the honor of sharing our enriching experience with the esteemed faculty members from AECC University College. We received certificates acknowledging our participation in the programme and commemorated the occasion with group photos at the main entrance of AECC. Furthermore, we had the privilege of engaging in a dialogue with the principal of AECC, Prof Lesley Haig, which provided valuable insights into the institution’s vision and direction.

To bid farewell on a memorable note, we were treated to a wonderful lunch featuring an English afternoon tea. The spread included delectable scones, English shortbread, strawberry jam, and clotted cream, all of which added to the delightful ambiance. Additionally, we savored a variety of scrumptious sandwiches during the farewell lunch, culminating our time at AECC University College with a sense of warmth and camaraderie.


Reflecting upon the tremendous experience of the 2-week mobility programme at AECC University College, we found ourselves captivated by the city and the university alike. The journey allowed us to forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering cultural understanding and the exchange of valuable information on the differences between Malaysia and other countries. Most importantly, the programme equipped us with a wealth of knowledge gained through the immersive classes we attended over the fortnight. The prospect of returning to AECC University College for further studies and establishing connections with the esteemed lecturers fills us with anticipation and gratitude.


This transformative mobility programme has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our academic and personal growth, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to IMU and AECC University College for this invaluable opportunity.

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