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IMU Students Gained Knowledge from Klinik Kesihatan Visit

29 Jan 2018

28 November 201724 Nutrition (NT1/17) and Dietetics with Nutrition (DN1/17) students from IMU visited Klinik Kesihatan Precinct 18, Putrajaya as part of the requirement for the Professionalism and Ethics in Nutrition and Dietetics module in Semester 1. They were accompanied by A/Prof Rokiah Don (Division of Nutrition and Dietetic, School of Health Sciences). Prior to this, two other groups have visited National Heart Institute on 14 November 2017 and Kuala Lumpur Hospital on 21 November 2017. These visit were aimed at introducing to and exposing students to the various career paths in the field of nutrition and dietetics, the roles and responsibilities of nutritionists and dieticians in various settings as well as the importance and the approach for evidence-based practice and continuous professional development.

During the visit to the Klinik Kesihatan, students were briefed on the organisations in the Ministry of Health and placement of various Divisions and Units, functions of these organisations as well as roles and responsibilities of nutritionists and dieticians at clinic level. They were then given a tour of the clinic (Outpatient Department, Dental Department, Nutrition and Dietetic Unit, Radiology Department, Physiotherapy Department, Registration Counter, Laboratory).

From this visit, the students gained knowledge on work readiness and possible career structure and development in the Ministry of Health, work functions of nutritionists and dieticians, inter-disciplinary work functions (doctors, dentists, assistant medical officers, physiotherapists, nurses), teamwork, awareness of various health services offered at the government Health Clinic (Type-2) and experience interacting with a possible employer.

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