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IMU, Where My Life as An International Student Begins

02 Feb 2023

I am Moe Kyal Sin Phyu from the cohort FIS 222 and I am from Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. So, technically I am Burmese. Naypyidaw is our capital city and I am from Yangon which is the largest city and commercial city of Myanmar. I have been living in Malaysia for almost 7 months and so far, it is going very well.


I have been super passionate about becoming a doctor since I was little, so I searched every medical school in different countries. Among many countries, I chose Malaysia particularly because it is very close to my home country so that my parents can fly to meet me anytime they want. Moreover, I would like to start my first step in an Asian country which has similar cultures and lifestyles and, Malaysia is a very nice country.


The reason I chose IMU (International Medical University) specifically is because IMU is quite popular in the healthcare and medical field, and thus I, who am very determined about which career I am going to pursue, did not have a second thoughts about choosing IMU. The application process was very smooth, and the progress happened accordingly for me to start my studies in Foundation in Science. 


Honestly, before I came here, I was kind of worried if I would adapt to my life here or not. However, to my surprise, I was not alone, and I had a lot of help from a lot of people. First, the lecturers were very supportive, and they gave me courage. They will create a non-judgmental place for students to learn. At first, I  had a hard time adjusting to the education system, which is very normal for international students studying here. During that time, my mentor and the lecturers were there for me, and I eventually overcame that difficulty.


Secondly, all my friends helped me with the things I did not understand and could not perform. Some of my friends actually did not know much about Myanmar so they learned more from me, and I also gained a lot of knowledge from them. The point I want to make is students here are very friendly and helpful, so it was not a rocket science to make friends.

Another thing is we have a school canteen here which is quite affordable for everyone and also a student lounge which has musical instruments and some sports equipment, so sometimes if I have a gap between classes, I will go there and rest. I also did not have to worry much about accommodation since there are a lot of condominiums like a school dorm very near to school and it is not costly. Moreover, IMU has many events and clubs for students to participate in and to socialise. I joined the cheerleading club for the first time, and it was a blast. What I like most about IMU is there is no discrimination, and we are treated equally.

For me, I am having an awesome university student life in IMU, and I also enjoy the tasty Nasi Lemak. Almost everything is easy in IMU because there will always be someone to assist you if you ask for help. I am in Semester 2 now and after Semester 3, I am going into an undergraduate MBBS programme hopefully. If you are thinking of becoming a healthcare professional, you should come and study at IMU but be prepared because in IMU,  everything is done professionally.

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