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Inaugural Cohort of Foundation in Science Students Successfully Transferred to Clinical Campus

24 Jan 2018

The Foundation in Science (FiS) Programme in IMU introduces students to studies in a very supportive learning environment. The course helps students develop strategies and skills to become a successful student and provide a pathway to gain entry to variety of medical related degree programmes at International Medical University (IMU). Successful completion of the programme will enable students to secure a place in many of the medical related degree programmes offered at IMU. The Foundation in Science programme gives students the opportunity to experience being a university student. These students will be granted full privileges of the University facilities and be given their own student email account and internet access. They will also attend lectures and tutorials and make friends along the way.

Felicity Mishan Ng Yiwey, FIS 2014 cohort student who is currently doing her clinical year in Seremban states that the FIS programme emphasised on self-directed learning. She was exposed to this learning style in the early stages of the FiS programme. Although it sounded very daunting to her as it was a big leap from typical spoon-feeding high school environment, she is now nothing but grateful and proud for this exposure.

Answering the question on how FiS programme prepared one to become a medical student Lee Sook Yee said “FiS prepared me not only to become a medical student but as a holistic individual. Although self-directed learning was implemented slowly, we had good guidance from the lecturers who were really helpful. I personally feel that it was not all work because we did have fun especially during the Cross Boundary Studies furthermore that the module promoted critical thinking skills nevertheless helps us to relax. These projects served as a platform for us to learn all the qualities that a team player and a physician should have; such as punctuality, responsibility, trustworthiness and commitment. Nicholas Chin who is also in his clinical semester, is determined to become the first doctor and first to specialise in aesthetic medicine or dermatology in his family. He informed that “I always wanted to be part of a science-related field since my primary school. The idea of studying medicine sparked when I was in his high school. Soon I joined FiS programme in IMU and I believe that FiS programme has moulded me into a self-directed learner which is very important for undergraduate studies. I feel that the curriculum in IMU FiS differs from other Pre-University programme in the way it is structured; it allows better comprehension of the first year of undergraduate study. I think that the biggest driving factor is the mentor-mentee programme because my mentor knows my strength and weakness. From there, mentor was able to provide advice and harvest my inner potentials.”

At the end of the day, it is agreed that serving the community goes beyond the walls of the hospital and all the FiS students understood that and developed into a holistic individual.

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