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An Informative Seminar for Young Pharmacists at IMU

12 Dec 2015

31 October 2015 – Approximately 91 participants encompassing pharmacy graduates and students from various universities attended a seminar at the Auditorium of the IMU. The seminar was to mark the end of a series of monthly continuous professional development talks this year. It was organised by Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society – Young Pharmacist Chapter in collaboration with the IMU Alumni. P1200707 The one-day event started with an inspirational talk from Syed Azmi Alhabshi who spoke about volunteerism as a pharmacist. He shared his views on the many ways one can contribute to the society while practicing as a pharmacist. He also shared his valuable experiences organising charity events that made an impact in improving the lives of the underpriviledged people in Malaysia. The second speaker, Dr Symhanin Adnan presented her journey as a pioneer pharmacist in an antimicrobial stewardship programme in Malaysia. The problem of antibiotics resistance poses a major global threat to public health and without proper infection control, the antibiotics we have today would no longer be effective for treatment. Dr Syamhanin introduced several strategies in the stewardship programme that could help curb this problem. For instance, through timely audits and feedback in collaboration with physicians on the use of antibiotics to ensure proper usage, bacterial resistance could be avoided. P1200732 The third speaker, Hoo Yee Yin spoke to the audience on the safety of cardiovascular drugs used in pregnancy and lactation. She explained the various factors to be taken into consideration when a cardiovascular drug is prescribed for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. It is of utmost important that pharmacists were aware of the potential effects of these drugs and provide appropriate advice for their patients. Our last speaker, Gan Pou Wee shared his experience on the potential roles that community pharmacists can play in managing suspected dengue fever. As dengue could be fatal, it is essential that community pharmacists, who are increasingly regarded as the first port of call for health problems to provide advice and referral when indicated. P1200756 These four talks were very informative and managed to capture the interest of the audience. Feedback from the participants were positive and many revealed that this was a great learning opportunity. After the string of talks, a meeting was held to review the progress and achievement of the young pharmacist chapter for 2015. The chapter has successfully organised several key events which includes providing free health screenings for the general public and a deworming project for the orang asli. The meeting ended with the appointment of a new chairperson, Lim Shi Hao for the term 2016/2017. We look forward to his leadership in spearheading the plans to strengthen and promote the interests of young pharmacists.

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