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Internship Opportunity Led to Employment Overseas

09 Jul 2018

Spurred and motivated by the possibility of successfully finding a treatment for bone diseases, an IMU Alumnus, Chuah Shang Jiunn diligently continues to assist in conducting research in this area at National University of Singapore (NUS) where he is working as a research assistant. His daily work involves assisting in the laboratory work and also documenting research data in finding the treatment for bone disease. Shang Jiunn was attracted to work at NUS since the research environment at NUS is good with easy access to resources and availability of experienced senior and lab technicians. He had better chances of getting the job having undergone his internship at the University research laboratories as part of the programme requirements of his medical biotechnology degree at IMU. He was grateful of this great internship opportunity at NUS where he was given the task of handling individual research projects in different laboratories. At the same time, he had also acquired some research techniques and knowledge from seniors that he would not be able to learn from the books. Shang Jiunn believes that he has learned a lot of knowledge and skills from IMU MB programme especially practical and interpersonal skills, which have helped him significantly in his working life. Besides that, he is also able to multitask and manage his stress even when the workload is very heavy – skills that he gained while he was in IMU.

“Every practical session is useful for me. Dr Tan Boon Keat, Ms Wong and Dr Anna were very helpful and they helped me a lot when I was facing some challenges in my study. My experience at IMU was a mixture of fun, sad and hard work – fun as in getting together with cohort mates and joining club activities or having a great lunch or dinner together, sad is when you do not achieve the target you set for your exam and your classmate did not do so well, at IMU we have to work hard every day as the it is not easy to study your degree at IMU,” said Shang Jiunn who loves to exercise, read and watch funny TV shows in his spare time.

In future, Shang Jiunn plans to pursue his PhD studies at NUS.

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