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Mastering Implant Dentistry with a Postgraduate Diploma from IMU

06 Dec 2023

Implant Dentistry deals with the placement and restoration of titanium implants to replace missing teeth. Hence, it is important for every general dental practitioner to acquire basic knowledge and develop skills to deliver implant treatment as the best fixed treatment option to the patients.  Gaining exposure in Implant Dentistry provides practitioners not only knowledge, skills and self-confidence but also to ensure safe and predictable outcome for their patients.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry (PGDID) programme at IMU is designed to enhance the professional scope of dentists by incorporating Implant Dentistry into their practice. As Malaysia’s first and only MQA accredited postgraduate programme for implant dentistry, it has been successfully training practitioners since its establishment in 2016. The program has graduated six cohorts, enabling participants to carry out implant practice safely, effectively, and independently.


In November 2023, Dr Lau Han Wei and Dr Leong Kah Hang joined the ranks of graduates from this programme. They share their educational journey and experiences here.

Dr Lau Han Wei

Personally, I’m the owner of a private clinic. As we need to stay competitive in the dental market, offering implant services can differentiate our dental practice and attract diverse patient demographics. This not only helps the practice stand out and thrive but also contribute to the success and growth of the practice by increasing its earning potential. Thus, the most important factor for me in a programme  is one that prioritise on skill development and continuing education as it is imperative for the generation of new dental professionals to stay up to date with the latest advancements in implant dentistry.


The comprehensive Postgraduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry Programme at IMU significantly improved my confidence level when it comes to performing dental implant procedures in private practice. It gives us (students) the robust knowledge and practical skills needed to integrate implant successfully and confidently into our scope of practice.


This course covers almost all the aspects from fundamental knowledge and education about implantology including the latest technique, materials and technologies, hands-on training, risk management, patient evaluation and case studies.


The best part of this course is the mentorship programme. The specialists guide us in the placement of implant. Having a mentor as well as 1 to 1 guidance and support can greatly enhance our confidence.


My advice to future students is that you should seize the opportunity to join the course as it provides a continuing education and advance your career into the next level. Enhancing your skill set through the programme can improve your skills, leading to success in your practice, increase patient satisfaction rates and subsequently  more o referrals and positive reviews.

Dr Leong Kah Hang

Where are you working now?

General Practitioner in Toothie Dental Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan.


What are your plans for the future?

To leverage my knowledge,  experience and enthusiasm for dental implants to provide exceptional care and lasting smiles for my patients.


Advice to future students

Implant placement involves surgery. Hone your surgical skills under supervision. This might include practicing on models, observing surgeries, and eventually performing supervised procedures.


As IMU provides 1-to-1 supervision for different cases, this course is suitable for those who like to gain different insights for variable cases, thus providing the best outcome for your patients.

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