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China Partner Universities Intrigued with IMU Students’ Competency

25 Jul 2016

An IMU Alumnus, Shirley Lee Su Ying secured a full scholarship from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to further pursue postgraduate studies at the University. The scholarship was given based on her excellent academic performance at the University during her undergraduate studies. With the help of this scholarship, she intends to pursue her Masters in Chinese Medicine Gynaecology and is on her way to making her dreams come true. Shirley1 “I was surprised, happy and sad at the same time when I found out that I have obtained the scholarship which covers the tuition fees, accommodation and 3000 yuan of monthly allowance. Happy because I could further my studies in China and sad because I’ll have to leave Malaysia for 3 years,” said Shirley. S2 Shirley started her studies in Chinese Medicine at the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia in 2011 and later transferred to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China for completion of her degree. She is one of the students who benefitted from IMU’s partnerships with several universities of TCM in China (Shanghai University of TCM, Shandong University of TCM, Guangzhou University of TCM) and RMIT University, Australia for its Chinese Medicine programme. This partnership gives students the best of both worlds: studying in a university in Malaysia and another university in China or Australia, making them well-rounded Chinese Medicine graduates. Students will also be getting a degree from the University that they have transferred to. S5 In a recent visit to China, the IMU delegation led by Vice Chancellor, Prof Abdul Aziz Baba, Deputy Vice Chancellor, International and Engagement, Dr Mei Ling Young, Dean, School of Health Sciences, Prof Winnie Chee, Head of Chinese Medicine Department, Prof Lin Xun and Chinese Medicine Programme Director Mr Wong Hon Foong saw the strengthening of ties between IMU and its China partner universities namely with the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GZUTCM), Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SDUTCM), Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). S8S9S10 In the course of visit, positive feedbacks on the competency of IMU students who transferred to the various partner universities led to stronger collaborative initiatives in enhancing the current Chinese Medicine curriculum, extension of IMU students’ clinical training and their experience in China as well as opportunities for research and student mobility. S14 International exchange opportunities for the partner universities to send their western medical faculty to IMU to further their continual professional studies and resource-sharing were also formed. The highlight of the trip was SHUTCM’s 60th anniversary celebration. Attending as guest of honours, the IMU management witnessed the commemorative grand opening which was celebrated with a vibrant mix of high-level forums and student cultural performances. In conjunction with this visit, the President of SHUTCM, Prof Xu Jianguang, welcomed the IMU student exchange opportunities for all healthcare professionals and also the establishment of a joint postgraduate programme with IMU.

Dean, School of Health Sciences, Prof Winnie Chee, said, “The partnerships that we are forging with our esteemed Chinese partner universities have many benefits including exchange of expertise and enhancing the learning experience of our Chinese Medicine students. This is very much in line with our vision of international benchmarking and globalisation of IMU’s Chinese Medicine programme.”

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