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A Medical Biotechnology Alumnus’ Journey – Formation of a Biotechnology Company

29 Jan 2015

An International Medical University (IMU) Medical Biotechnology Alumnus, Vignesh A/L Krishna Kumar, is currently the managing director of Biovenus, a biotechnology company that he founded in 2014. vignesh -convocation Vignesh joined the University in 2009 and completed his degree in 2012. Upon completion of his degree, he decided to pursue a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) in Biotechnology, with visions of setting up his own company using the skills and knowledge garnered from his time at IMU, to manufacture nutritional products. Once he obtained his degree, he joined Pfizer as a sales executive before establishing his own firm. He discusses his previous work experience and fondly recalls the invaluable time spent at IMU. “As a managing director, my responsibilities are to make sure the sales personnel are carrying out their duties well, look for business development opportunities, deal with the manufacturers, come up with business strategies, make sure export products are on track and make sure that the whole company is in line. The reason I choose to study Medical Biotechnology is because I could see a good future in it from a business perspective. I chose to study this in IMU because it is one of the top universities in the country and also uphold a high quality of teaching and assessment.vignesh-imu lecturer

IMU education curriculum is very tough so I learned how to work hard and stay focused. Besides that, I also got a chance to make friends with other students who are from different courses related to healthcare which further helps me to understand the Malaysian healthcare perspective.

I believe my time at IMU had moulded me well in keeping track of datelines and giving me a good understanding of the R&D part of nutraceuticals especially during my internship period which ignited my passion in nutraceticals.”

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