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Memorable Sharing Session with Biomedical Science Alumni

27 Aug 2020

In the morning of 3 November, 2019, alumni from the cohorts BM108 to BM 116 of the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science programme visited the IMU campus to share their thoughts with current students on life after the degree. The benefits gained from this event are twofold, with the juniors gaining new information whilst the alumni were able to reminisce about their time in IMU. The event, organised by the academic staff of the Biomedical Science programme, attracted approximately 20 alumni along with over a hundred students from the BM117, BM 118 and BM119 cohorts. The alumni hailed from various backgrounds and had garnered vast experiences since their graduation, and thus were excited to share their achievements and knowledge to the anticipating students. The event started off with a brief welcome speech from Dr Lim Chooi Ling, the Master of Ceremonies for the event, followed by Dr Koh Rhun Yan, the Biomedical Science Programme Director. An ice-breaking session was then conducted in the form of a KAHOOT game, whereby the participants were quizzed on the lecturers who are currently teaching the Biomedical Science programme.

 The main event of the day consisted of
Alumni-sharing session sharing session Several alumni proceeded to talk about their experiences in front of a live audience, whilst some who were unable to attend had their pre-recorded videos broadcasted.
Forum The forum after the sharing session was moderated by an alumnus, Yeo Bann Xiang, where he prompted the panel to answer some questions regarding their daily lives and experience, along with questions asked by current students.

After the forum had concluded, there was a group photography session before the audience was dismissed for lunch. However, the event was not over, as several students and alumni were interviewed on their feedback on the activity. Thiviya (BM118), Brenda Chan Jun Lam (BM119), Zainab (currently a medical student at the IMU) and Yeo Bann Xiang (a graduate student) respectively were selected for the interviews. Their comments ranged from the event being informative and helpful towards their future, to being inspired to witness their juniors being so enthusiastic regarding the future of Biomedical Science.

When asked about what they had gained from their experience at IMU:

“I was able to budget, multitask and utilise all forms of resources around me thanks to my time at IMU, which I was then able to apply in ‘real life’ experiences.”

Finally, on the question of what they missed most from their years in the IMU:

Yeo Bann Xiang
“I reminiscence about the time when I was provided with the opportunity to showcase my research work to the general public.”

Overall, the event was able to capture the essence of bridging the gap between the alumni and students still in their undergraduate years. We sincerely hope that there will be future opportunities for similar events.

Written by Ezekiel Ling (BM119) and team

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